‘I’m Lost Without Paula’: Robin Thicke Cries Out, Doesn’t Want Marriage To End

Robin Thicke was hit recently by news that his wife wants a divorce after he was caught numerous times feeling up different women.

robin_thicke_and_paulaWell the R&B pop star is not letting go easily, he has yet to remove his wedding ring and during his show in fairax, VA, he told the crowd:

“For y’all that don’t know me and my wife separated, but I’m trying to get my girl back. She’s a good woman.”

He also told fans he’d written the song “Lost Without U” for Paula … before launching into the hit — which we gotta say is kinda the perfect song for a guy trying to get back on a chick’s good side.

He met and talked to the press on the airport and he said frankly that he isn’t going to let his love go easily, Video below


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