I’m Attracted To My Hubby’s Boss, Prayers Don’t Help, What Should I Do?

Is it possible to resist temptations? 

images confused galI am falling for my husband’s boss.

I’ve got my eyes on him when I was still not married. Last year, he invited me to have a drink, and I got drunk. Thank God, he resisted the urge to make use of the situation and instead gave me some money for a taxi ride.

I don’t know if I could ever get over this man, but it’s hard for me to even concentrate on other things because of what I feel for him.

I’ve told my Pastor about my temptations and we have been praying for those urges to go away, but that is of little help.

Please, I need you advice. What should I do?


  1. Give ur life to Jesus Christ and ur deliverance is sure.
    Don’t try anything that is against the will and law of God cos u’ll pay dearly.
    Rather give ur life total to Christ by submitting urself totally to God, resist the devil and he will flee from u.
    (James 4:7)
    Remain blessed.


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