I Need Help, My Doctor Molested Me – Desperate Lady Cries Out

doctor-nursesAbout two days ago a lady visited her doctor for a check-up. However, she would never forget that day and that visit. Read the passage by the harassed female patient below, and suggest your options for her:

Two days ago I went to a hospital close to my house to check for breast lumps. It was my first time and I was very uncomfortable when the doctor started touching my breasts.

I decided to close my eyes and to concentrate on other things.

However, I soon got impatient, as this procedure was taking longer time than I expected. I opened my eyes only to discover the doctor had his penis hard! All the while he’s been fondling my breasts!

I felt so awful. He didn’t say a word, as I dressed up and run away from his office.

I still cannot calm down, as if I raped. Was it a sexual molestation, right? What should I do now, and what should I have done there, at doctor’s office?


  1. Well that’s how they check for cancer to make sure it doesn’t come back once operated. To tell u de fact , u have to tell ur husband to help u more often with fondling of ur breast becos it eliminate trait of cancer.
    Please don’t mind de doctor as he’s human and u maybe a beautiful woman.

  2. Its a routine procedure of checking the presence of cancerous lump. The breast has to be well-checked to ensure that no other smaller lumps are present. The doctor wasn’t supposed to have a hard-on as it was supposed to make u very uncomfortable but it wasn’t a molestation, you just have to bear with it ok.

  3. You must be very stupid! You never asked the doctor any question and neither did you receive any comment from him, yet you just ran away. May be you are lying.


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