Guess What Actress And Her Sons Play Dress Up

Supermodel and actress Stephanie Seymore enjoys a close relationship with her grown-up sons Peter and Harry.

In a recent photo shoot for Harper’s Bazaar, she is spotted in a very steamy and provocative pose with her sons

This is not the first time mother and sons are making headlines for engaging in such steamy photos.

Back in 2010, mother and son were spotted kissing on the beach with her son’s hand on her breast. Responding to critics then, her son Peter had said he was gay and his very close relationship with his mom was acceptable.

“She often hugs and kisses me and my siblings in a manner that is intimate, any mother in the world does the same,” he wrote at the time.

mother_n_son mother_son_pics

In the latest photo shoot, Peter and Harry are shown fixing up their mom in thigh-high lace-up boots, embracing her while she’s scantily clad in a little black dress.

mother_n_her_sons mother_n_son_raunchy mother-son-raunchy

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