Female lawyer tortures househelp with disused car fan belt


Personally, I think the police should start arresting people who inflict such injuries on others. Call it ‘attempted murder’ or something like that and lock them up for at least a year. How can anyone be so heartless to do this to another human being?

A female lawyer based in Calabar Cross River State, Florence Ujinka, was picked up and interrogated by the police for torturing her 13 year old househelp, Chidera Asonye Nathaniel. Florence is reported to have used an old fan belt to inflict marks on young Chidera.

The woman was reported to the police by a Child Rights Group called Basic Rights Counsel Initiative in Calabar, who revealed that since the woman and her husband brought Chidera from Anambra state to Calabar in 2012 to serve as their househelp, Mrs Ujinka had repeatedly subjected the young boy to torture and inhuman treatment.

“Mrs Florence Ujinka has been subjecting Chidera to inhuman and degrading treatment by torturing him with an automobile fan belt and in the process inflicting him with severe wounds on his body”. The group said

The group wants the police to file a case of ‘torture, inhuman and degrading treatment and child trafficking’ against the lawyer and her doctor husband. The police in Calabar have promised to investigate the matter and said the couple would be brought to book soon and made to face the law.



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