Don’t Blame Me If My Clothes Do Not Cover My Chest — Actress, Yvonne Jegede

Nollywood actress, Yvonne Jegede who recently landed in a messy breast surgery scandal upon her return to the movie industry in a recent interview talks about her selling point, ideal man.


Yvonne Jegede who featured in Tuface Idibia’s “African Queen” video made a stunning comeback to acting after several years of being away to study abroad in University in Cyprus.

Her ideal man

I don’t even know what it is any more. But I think people at different ages have different perspection in respect of what an ideal man is. He should be  more intelligent than myself.

I need somebody I can learn from him. He should also be able to take care of himself.  That’s  an ideal man for me. He should not be ugly.

On her selling point

I think it is my brain. Talking about the physical things that attracts men to me, it depends. Some people say, it’s my eyes, others prefer  my lips and my boobs. So, I do not know. When I love into the mirror, I love everything about myself.

On revealing some part of your body, her boobs

Well, it depends on the clothes. I have big boobs, so, if the clothes are not big enough to cover my boobs  you would  not blame me for that. I am not the person who made my clothes . I just put the clothes on.

On her passion for revealing some part of your body

It depends on my mood. If I want to expose my back, I will do that. It goes with my mood.

Plans on geting marriage

When the time comes, I will get married. I have never given it a thought.

It’s not about thinking, it is about the right person coming my way. Many ladies have been thinking about settling down for years now, but Mr. right has not come their way.

On acting  nude

No, I cannot for no reason. I have people I am answerable to.

On sexual harassement in the industry

Sexual harassment in the industry have to do with what you want. If you want to be sexually harassed, you will be. I am saying that because, even when I am walking on the road, or in the  banking hall, I usually get passes.

But it depends on what you want. I do not think every  director would  want to sleep with every girl he comes across. Maybe, I am wrong but, I don’t think it is possible. I have had the experience where a produced would refused to feature me in his movie because I did not  sleep with him. They might make their advances to me.


  1. My counsel / advice to yong lady, Repent because the Kingdom of God is at hand. Pls accept Jesus Christ as ur Master, Lord and Saviour. Exposing ur body to seduce or attract men and make love with them will end u in hell fire with satan! My sister Jesus loves u and He is calling u and ready to save u. Pls receive Jesus now

  2. Yvonne, I must be frank with u that the deceit of your so-called beauty will surely wear out very soon.
    We humans are like flowers- be careful!

  3. Keep in mind that insecurities and anxiety are completely unattractive.
    The very first noticeable purpose is not surprisingly the likely find a occupation. Even the impression that you
    are ready to attract him.


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