CONFUSION: How 4 Men Took Turns Raping 12-Year-Old Girl, Got Her Pregnant

Kehinde Williams, a 12- year old pupil was alleged raped by four men who are her father’s tenants and now she is pregnant.

kehind-williamsKehinde was raped repeatedly at different times mostly on her mother’s bed by Shaibu Isiaka, 29; John Obah, 30; Vincent 28, who are now in police custody while the remaining one identified as Idris, is currently on the run.

This abuse has been going on and would have gone unnoticed if Kehinde hadn’t gotten pregnant.

The victim who lives with her mother in Oworonshoki, a suburb of Lagos State lost her father last year January and her mother, Mrs. Shade Williams who is a petty trader has been the one taking care of her and her two siblings.

Speaking with journalist, Mrs Williams said, she didn’t notice the changes in her daughter that suggested she was pregnant.

I didn’t notice the change but had observed that her buttocks were getting fatter and I thought the food she was eating has started manifesting in her adding some flesh. Apart from the food she was eating at home, whenever she was going to school, I used to give her much money so that she would not be interested in what other pupils were buying or eating. I do everything to make her happy and comfortable. Nothing like pregnancy ever came to my mind; I never imagined such because each time I asked her the last time she saw her monthly menstrual period, she told me, last month.

She said after her neighbours suggested she check her daughter to find out if she’s pregnant, she asked her to urinate into a cup which she took to a medical laboratory and the result was positive. She then took her for pregnancy scan and the scan revealed that she was already six months pregnant.

Mrs William was further confused when her daughter started mentioning names of the tenants who had been violating her and narrating the whole ordeal.

According toKehinde who said the men used to take turns raping her when she comes back from school, she didn’t tell her mother of the incident earlier because she was afraid of what her mother would do to her.

The family is now waiting for the baby to be born, to carry out a DNA test to determine who among the four men is the father of the baby.


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  2. A kid of 12 years old has no consent. Even if she should try to seduce u, run for ur dear life cos she dont what she is doing. Her brain is not yet matured enough to know the consequencies for her actions. Thats why anyone who indulges in certain acts with him or her is assumed to ve done so without her consent.

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