BRAZIL: Why Keshi Needs A New Assistant

Concerns have been raised by the Eagles performance in certain games that should have been a c win for them. Examples would be their match against Ghana and Zimbabwe.

Stephen-Keshi580Ghana were reduced to ten men in the CHAN semifinal match with Nigeria. The Eagles could not find an answer to their power game and eventually lost to them.

Zimbabwe had a red card in the 17th minute in the 3rd place match and Eagles could not find a way to overwhelm them and just scored three minutes to full time. Same thing happened against Mexico in Houston last year when Eagles could not beat a ten man Mexican team. The first two matches of the last Nations Cup were brought to question and the circumstances that led to the rejuvenation of the team reviewed.  On CHAN, a thorough analysis by the football federation did not frown at the inability of the Eagles to overwhelm the opponents  with goals but their inability to find a clue and adapt to technical changes against Ghana and Zimbabwe.

And after also analysing the circumstances that they felt contributed immensely to Nigeria’s qualification for the 2014 World Cup, the Nigeria Football Federation Executive members have concluded that Stephen Keshi, the head coach of the Eagles needs some assistance to lead Nigeria well in the World Cup in Brazil.

And the technical committee members, we gathered, were to formally present their findings to Keshi today when the committee meets but they gathered last night that Keshi had travelled to the United States to meet with his family.

“We were not formally informed of his trip because we wanted to meet him on Monday(today) and tell him about our findings for the World Cup,”a top member of the federation said last night.

“We want to do well in the World Cup and we strongly feel that he needs a technical assistant,’’ the member said,  adding, “it is about Nigeria and not individual aspirations. We want to break the African record of a quarterfinal berth in the World Cup and from all indications we know that Keshi needs a help. He will still lead the technical crew to Brazil and will remain the head coach. But we just want to attach somebody to him for the sake of improving Nigeria’s lot in the World Cup.”

Another top member of the Federation said that “a new hand could ask questions about certain things that may eventually help the team. Chigozia Agbim, for example, kept only two matches for his club throughout the season and has recently been dropped by his club, Enugu Rangers who registered four goal keepers and found him not good enough to be among their keepers.

That’s the keeper Keshi used in the CHAN competition and he embarrassed the country. That cannot happen in football nations. We don’t fold our arms while somebody leads us astray. If you closely watch our league you will find out that those who played  CHAN in South Africa were not our best, some may not even make the second team of the bests in our league. We want to be sure that we make a true representation of the current best of Nigerian football in Brazil and a new hand may not give in to the kind of sentiments that we have noticed in the team now.”

Keshi, we gathered,  had told the federation that he did not need a new technical assistant and that Sylvanus  Okpala who was disengaged after the Nations Cup victory in South Africa be recalled. Many Nigerians have supported Keshi’s position on Okpala even if another assistant is to be engaged for the best interest of the Eagles in Brazil. The technical committee meeting will go on today in spite of Keshi’s absence which members are already frowning at.


  1. Honestly,I asserts the raised issue by technical committee that we need the technical assistant for successful outing in Brazil, realistically and vividly, one would without any biasement see many lapses in our current team,though they’re giving us the expected result but as says goes by’what is worth doing at all,is worth doing well’. The case of Agbim is the reference and epitome of the problem experience by our current national team. To be candid, national team is everybody inheritance and should not be ‘watch aloof while things go astray’:if the as the article asserts that those featured in the just concluded Chan tournament are our second fiddle and mediocre in the league,and having groomed them not less than three weeks could reach such a milestone in their first appearance at such competetion,then I wonder if we had featured our best leggs meritoriously with biasless selection how the sky would’ve been our limit in the tournament… Realistically, it’s an assumption that unborn child in Nigeria could win any featured tournament with hitch free,if they’re only manage and groom together then,they rule the world.
    Obviously,Nigerian National team lacks technical depth which results to unable to win the Chan cup:we cannot manage our set pieces;both corners and freekick are not properly utilized,even from the national team down to other under age team which is very bad for a calibre of our football pedigree;when its get to spotkick i.e, penalty kick,we cannot done the damage because we’ve never used to it which caused the setback against Ghana.
    All these viewedpoint should be adequately put in orderliness before world cup which I feel deem fit and oblige to higher or reinstate the former axed technical assistant(okpala) for the good outing and success in forthcoming world cup in couple of months now which should be gladly accept by (Keshi)without any second thought for our national team and Nigerian at large sake…


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