[Advice Needed] I Broke Up With Her, But Now I Am Jealous Seeing Her With Another Dude. Please Help!

I met a lady in march 2012. We got talking and got close. I asked her out and she agreed to date me. We started dating in June. Along the line, i found out she takes alcohol a lot, so much that she gets intoxicated. I warned her about this but there was no improvement. Later, i decided to call off the relationship. Now, we are not together anymore but i see her around often. And when i see her with other men, i get very jealous. I am confused. What do i do?



  1. Don’t worry dear you will soon get over her all you need is distraction from her you don’t have to regret cos an alcoholic is not good for you. good luck.

  2. Yu shouldnt have broken up with her,if you realy loved her,you should have helped her and make her stop,dats how nigerians are,they jump into conclusions,nd dos of u saying he should kill himself,u r not different from d girl cus u r all stupid,jst take hrt get over her and u’l find someone better,Goodluck,nd God help u.


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