Actress Sikiratu Sindodo: “I am a wife material,I pray 5 times a day & cook well”


Popular Yoruba actress Sikiratu Sindodo opened up to Punch about being the perfect wife material.

She how the actress praises herself and said people should ignore the tattoos and piercings she has.

See what she said below: –

“I know I will make a good wife. I cook well; I am not the outgoing type. If I am not working, I am at home. It is sad that when people see me outside, they have a different impressionabout me. I don’t know why, maybe it is because I am an actress. I am not like that, I pray five times a day. If I open the trunk of my car for you, my praying mat is there. I may not do that when I work all day but in the night I do so. People do not believe that I am close to God. When I into acting, it is different. I wear different kinds of clothes just to fit into the character I am playing at a particular time but I am different. That I have tattoos and piercings does not matter. Some people that do not have all these things are worse. I do not sleep around; they have a very bad impression about me. When I am dating a person, I make it known. I do not have to hide it that I am dating somebody. If I am dating a person and the person trusts me, my family knows about the person and knows what I can do, I don’t care about what anybody says.”


  1. You don’t need t̶̲̥̅̊ợ̣̣̇̇̇ tell people you pray five times A̶̲̥̅̊ day because its between you and your God.

  2. Pls Madam, praying 5 times everyday and cooking very, does not make a wife material okooooooooooooo and u don’t need to tell people that you these or that. Excuse me! wife………………………………..mat…………………….al ko-ni


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