5 Signs She Is Cheating On You.

images (23) CHEATING WIFEHas she been acting up lately? here are 5 signs she might be cheating on you…

1. She has a mysterious new friend
Has she started ignoring your calls and making excuses whenever you want to meet her? Is there a new mysterious friend listed on her Facebook, with whom she shares many mutual interests? Has she made flying mentions of an ‘interesting person’ she recently met or has befriended? Is she hesitant to take ‘certain’ calls in your presence? Well, if there is a ‘yes’ to all these questions then we would say you have to watch your back, because she might walk away from you any moment.

2. Her smart phone is her new best friend
Try noticing changes in your girl’s phone etiquettes, such as it is on silent mode whenever she is with you, she is always text chatting with a certain ‘someone’, or she attends most of her calls in a very hushed tone. She may be cooking-up an extravagant line-up of excuses for not being able to call or text you. Well, we suggest that you should not jump to any conclusions at the first instance. But, do try to rationalise these signs, as they might be your warning signals for the impending heartbreak.

3. She is not freaked about you anymore
If she is giving you a cold shoulder each time you want to shower some love on her, well then there might be a u-turn ahead in your relationship!

4. Changing her look
Have you chanced upon her new lacy lingerie in the laundry bag that she has never worn for you? Has she spent a fortune on a makeover and complete wardrobe change? While these could be a part of an action plan to boost self-esteem, but it could be an ulterior motive to impress someone new in her life. Do you remember the start of your relationship, when you both made a lot of changes to impress each other? Well, warning signs now suggest that she is doing the same to impress ‘someone’ new!

5. She has ‘last-minute’ plans
Her last-minute plans can include an off-site work trip or some colleague’s cocktail party. While she may play it down by showing reluctance on leaving you or giving vague explanations to mislead you, but beware! If she is making excuses to stay away from you, she might actually be trying to get away from you and this relationship.


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