3 Reasons Your Partner Needs A Partner And Not A Helper!!!

marrageHear me out: there is nothing wrong with helping your spouse. Being helpful is a good thing! However, you should not be satisfied with being just a helper or someone who assists. Your spouse needs a partner — someone who shares in the responsibilities of taking care of the home, the kids, the finances, and the overall health of your marriage.

Partner vs. Helper
A partner has a stake in the game — meaning he or she has ownership. A partner is not going to wait until someone asks for help. A partner has a vested interest in seeing the marriage and family succeed. A helper, on the other hand, will assist but does not take on ownership. A helper can decide to participate or opt-out because it’s not their responsibility, after all. A partner will step up to the plate whether he or she feels like it or not.

Why Your Spouse Needs a Partner

1. – Your spouse needs a partner because there’s nothing better than knowing that you have someone to share this journey called life with.

2. – Your spouse needs a partner because as you’re building this life together, you both share an equal role in its growth and the responsibilities that go along with it.

3. – Your spouse needs a partner because it’s incredibly lonely and stressful when you are not sure that they will always be there with their support.

Once You Have A Partner, You Can Never Go Back
Being partners does not mean you share every task or responsibility 50-50. There are things that Lamar handles, and there are things that I handle. But as partners, we never allow the other person to be stressed or overwhelmed. We have each other’s backs. And when I fall short, he is there to carry me. I have had helpers in the past. It was nice at times, but other times it was nerve-racking and full of uncertainty.

In the end, there is nothing that feels more comfortable, secure, or safe than knowing that your spouse is your partner.

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