13-Yr-Old Hangs Himself Over Computer Games

A 13-year-old boy from England hanged himself after racking up a bill of hundreds of pounds on computer games, an inquest heard.


The deceased, Henry Tattersall, mistakenly downloaded Xbox games worth £420 last November. As a result he was told he would not get any Christmas presents.

Just before the teenager hanged himself, Henry told his girlfriend on Facebook: “I’m going to kill myself.”

His mother, Eve, from Newchurch, Lancashire, told the inquest her son was “genuinely stunned” by the amount of money he had spent.

According to Eve,

“He was very upset that I was upset.”

Coroner Richard Taylor, sitting in Burnley, said Henry’s death was the “unexpected conclusion of an intended action”, with a verdict of death by misadventure recorded.


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