10 Funny Signs You Are An Introvert

In this age and time, being an introvert does not seem to be what anyone easily admits to….readily, everyone is trying to prove they have the requisite social skills of an extrovert.

Here are funny but real reasons why you just might be an introvert…do read on!

1. You think before you talk and check before you chat. Think its the right thing to do huh?…You have a consistently running internal monologue that screens every word before it drops from your mouth. Not a fast speaker there…You screen your chats too severally, before you send them…lol.

2. You go to parties -– but not to meet people. Nooo…you may not necessarily be hanging out alone…but meeting new people is rarely the goal of attending a party. You simply get in your safe harbour- looking out for your friends and hanging out with them.

3. Great speaker, fearful mingler
You may not be shy… Infact, you can give a great speech in front of 500 people but mingling with them one-on-one afterwards is a huge problem.

4. You hate idle chatter
You can be in a room with room mates with them discussing on a topic without necessarily making a contribution…you hate small talk not because you hate people but because they seem meaningless to you.

5. You are self conscious
Since you are not doing most of the talking, you are doing most of the observing and hence, assume that everyone is observing you in the same way…judging the way you speak, your accent etc….whereas, they might not necessarily be doing so.

6. You like extreme sitting positions
When you have to sit at a bench, you don’t sit in the middle because you don’t like being surrounded by people on all sides. In church, you prefer the extreme rows of seats to the middle ones.

7. You dread audience participation
You prefer a talk or a lecture to a discussion or interaction. If you must be involved in the latter, you must have been informed earlier so that you can “compose yourself”.

8. You’ve been accused severally of not keeping in touch
The funny part is that you cannot fathom why someone who called you three days back would call you and say something like; “You have forgotten me …”and you’re like, “Are we supposed to be talking everyday”?….you also do not like midnight talks, except its utterly the last resort. For you, it’s too much time to waste on “nonsense talk”.
You screen all your calls and you may not pick up your phone even from people you like only to call them back as soon as you’re mentally prepared and have gathered the energy for the conversation.

9. You’re a Writer
…a good one at that. Or sometimes, a poet. You prefer to put your ideas in writing than to speak them because the former gives you the opportunity to perfectly choose your words and structure your thoughts.

10. Friends made you and not the other way round
Check out the list of your closest and distant friends and you’d realize that they made more efforts at being your friend than you did at the initial stage before you settled into the friendship.

If you can boast of some of these qualities, then check again…against your initial judgement, you just might be an introvert!



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