UPDATED: BREAKING NEWS: Jonathan Fires Nigeria’s Army Chiefs

Presidential spokesman Reuben Abati has moments ago revealed that President Goodluck Jonathan has terminated the tenure of top military chiefs.

It is believed that the terminatination is due to the militar’s inability to curb the Boko Haram destruction of life and property in the Northern region.

Reuben Abati made these known  through his tweeter account and he wrote.




Mr. Abati said the former Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshall Alex Badeh, has been appointed the Chief of Defence Staff. He replaces Admiral Ola Ibrahim.

Major-General Kenneth Tobiah Jacob Minimah takes over from Lt.-General Azubike O. Ihejirika as Chief of Army Staff;

Rear Admiral Usman O. Jibrin takes over from Vice Admiral Dele Joseph Ezeoba as Chief of Naval Staff; and Air Vice Marshal Adesola Nunayon Amosu takes over from Air Marshal Badeh as Chief of Air Staff.

All the changes are with immediate effect.

The new Chief of Defence Staff and former Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Badeh was born on January 10, 1957 and joined the Air Force as a member of the Nigerian Defence Academy’s 21 Regular Course while the new Chief of Army Staff, Major-General Minimah was born on July 27, 1959 and joined the Army as a member of the Nigerian Defence Academy’s 25 Regular Course. Until his new appointment, Major-General Minimah was the Commander of the Nigerian Army Infantry Corps, Jaji.

The new Chief of Naval Staff, Rear Admiral Usman Jibrin was born on September 16, 1959 and joined the Navy as a member of the Nigerian Defence Academy’s 24 Regular Course. Until his appointment as Chief of Naval Staff, he was Director of Training at Defence Headquarters.

The new Chief of Air Staff and immediate past Commander of the Presidential Air Fleet, Air Vice Marshal Amosu was born on August 1, 1958 and joined the Air Force as a member of the Nigerian Defence Academy’s 25 Regular Course. Until his new appointment, Air Vice Marshal Amosu was the Air Officer Commanding, Tactical Air Command, Makurdi.

President Jonathan has briefed the leadership of the National Assembly on the appointment of the new service chiefs and will, in keeping with the provisions of the law, request the National Assembly to formally confirm the appointments when it reconvenes.


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  2. always doing the wrong thing at the wrong time.Why would the President be a man of his own and not tryiing all the time to please an interest.

    Firing Ihejirika will make the seciurity issue worse than now.

    He did it to please the nothern and south south interest.where is TOBIAH from.I pity thiws country under GEJ…

  3. Am happy with our president for this courageous new appointment. ,New Blood with new formation is highly needed to control this ugly situation of our country. May God help new appointees.

  4. Thank God for GEJ’s decision,it was God that directed President Jonathan because this guys most especially former COAS Hiejerika contributed nothing to encourage Soldiers to carry out thier legitimate duties whenever they are called upon. Can you imagine for Chief Of Army staff of Country not providing equipment that will be enough for the boys to use and not only that but feeding and uniform of Nigerian Soldiers is nothing to write home about. Soldiers use thier salaries to buy boots and uniforms it was bad, However,BokoHaram has become a bussiness enterprise for him,he would send Soldiers to the bush of Maiduguri with no adequate equipment,soldiers were been killed like chicken and he kept laughing and retiring the junior Generals as if he was not due for retirement. Thank God that he has been fired a GOOD SACK BY UNCLE JONATHAN.

  5. When the hands of a monkey stays too long in a pot of soup , It w ould be acclaimed to look like that of a human hand . No crack on the wall. The changes are inevitable. Well done Mr president.


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