SEE What Patrick Obahiagbon Has To Say About Mikel Obi’s CAF Award Loss

Grammatically Inclined Patrick Obahiagbon needs no introduction as he’s popularly known for his choice of words has reacted to has reacted to Nigerian/Chelsea midfielder, John Mikel Obi’s CAF award loss.


See what the Chief of Staff to Edo State Governor below:

“I am maniacally bewildered, overgassted and flabberwhelmed at the paraplegic crinkum crankum that characterised the Glo CAF awards culminating in an od oriferous saga cum gargantuan gaga! The jiggery pokery of CAF in crowning Yaya Toure instead of our very own prodigy John Obi Mikel is a veritable bugaboo that must be pooh-poohed by all compos mentis homo sapiens! The perfidy and Mendacity of all the apparatchic of sports suzerainty is not only repugnant but also insalubrious!

I said to my self: What an anathematous disdain of the citizenry! What a deprecable descent from the sublime to the ridiculous! Who will curb the odoriferous excesses of this machavellian and mephistophelean cabal in the Confederation? With this state of affairs, i dare say that African football is swimming in a pestilential aqua with a disastrious terminus ad quem inherently laden with avoidable cataracts, ice bergs and oxbow Lakes. It is sardonic and lugubrious!!!”


  1. Can he interpreat all this grammar for common Nigerian who can’t decod what he meant….. Or do we have someone to interpeat?

  2. I can’t imagine such gargantuos repreforous epistulatious occurence of the highest degree, collaborating with the hon. Minister in disapproving this retrogressive and abismal redegradient doxology of CAF’s inductional brouhaha. Oya! Let’s go there, he think say na only him sabi grammer.

  3. He’s making sense here, a grammarian like me can easily decode it, he’s using latin language well, so what’s the hullaballoo about u people saying he might be saying jargon but honestly I found two new words vis a vis overgassted and flabberwhelmed which comes from flabbergassted and overwhelmed, I will check that out.

  4. Pato is sure very good@what and who he is. Every word he has ever used has life(meaning)relating to its context of discussion. Let your findings prove me wrong. But in this CAF awards o! Yaya deserve am pass my most beloved brother MIKEL. Yaya has been undeniably outstanding with Mancity,even if the Elephants didn’t do well. Mikels efforts combined has been gr8 too,but can’t be compared. Make we face soccer facts.

  5. Its a pitiable dismal pismal,its a regretably lugubrious dat chief of staff edo state is trendin d state of higgledy piggledy behaviour wit dis ur volcanic eruptn speech dat has erupted from d surface of magma……..I dare say to u dat u are very lugubrious n sadonic wit dis speech…..dats ma humble logomachy which was connote with or without logo n machia…..thank you


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