Scandals Will Hit Winners & Co, Prophet Olaye Issues The Mother Of All Prophesies For 2014 (See Full Predictions)

Every new year in Nigeria is heralded by prophecies from different Ministers of the gospel who all claim to be the mouthpiece of God.

prophet_olaye2014 has gotten more than its fair share of prophecies already and more prophecies are still rolling out from God’s mouthpieces. Prophet Olaye George of God Cardinal Miracles Ministry has issued what is seen as the mother of all prophecies concerning 2014.

The Prophecies are as follows:

Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets – Amos 3:7
1. Thus saith the LORD GOD; the hearts of men shall be more frightened in 2014 for the horror in 2014 shall be great.
2. I shall visit several homes and break curses in families in 2014.
3. There shall be school shooting in the United State of America which shall take lives in 2014.
4. There shall be scandals in Roman Catholic Church, Celestial Church of Christ, Creflo Dollar Ministries, Deeper Life Bible Church, Synagogue Church of All Nations, COZA ministries, Living Faith Church Winners Chapel, Christ Mercy Land Deliverance Ministry, Word of Life Bible Church, Cherubim and Seraphim Movement Church, Christ Embassy, Presbyterian Church, House Hold of God Church, Benny Hinn Ministries, House on the Rock Church, The Lords Chosen Charismatic Revival Church, Omega Fire Ministries and Latter Rain Assembly in 2014. These churches shall try to conceal their scandals.
5. There shall be scandal in White House in 2014.
6. There shall be scandal in Catholic in 2014.
7. Terrorist threats shall affect flights in 2014.
8. There shall be plane crash in Nigeria in 2014.
9. An African President shall die in 2014.
10. There shall be releases of new vehicles and new electronics in 2014.
11. There shall be more threats from terrorist groups in 2014.
12. There shall be new discovering of ancient artifacts in 2014.
13. There shall be discovering of a new species of animal in Africa in 2014.
14. Hardship in some part of Africa and Asia shall be increased in 2014.
15. There shall be problem with the earth layer in 2014.
16. There shall be a great change in the atmosphere in 2014.
17. Some plants and animals shall be polluted in 2014.
18. There shall be a new disease in 2014.
19. There shall be attack in the United States of America in 2014.
20. There shall be bloody riots in Egypt, Greece, Turkey and Madrid Spain in 2014.
21. There shall be new release of LG, Apple, Black Berry, Samsung and Tecno new products in 2014.
22. Several states in Nigeria shall be attacked by unknown gun men which shall take lives in 2014.
23. Bangladesh, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, India and Pakistan shall be on fire in 2014
24. There shall be riots in Brazil stadium in 2014.
25. There shall be secret war against Nigeria Government which will get violent in 2014. It is already at work right now.
26. There shall be attack at military base in United State of America in 2014.
27. People shall drown in Lagos Nigeria Beach in 2014.
28. There shall be earthquake in China, Japan and America in 2014.
29. There shall be terrorist attack in America, China, India, Nigeria, Iraq, Afghanistan and England in 2014.
30. There shall be flood in Nigeria which shall destroy lives and properties in 2014.
31. A hotel shall be on fire in the United State of America in 2014.
32. There shall be cyber-attacks in the United State of America in 2014.
33. Great storm shall hit United State of America, Japan and Australia in 2014.
34. There shall be building collapse in Nigeria which shall destroy lives and properties in 2014.
35. Objects from space shall hit United State of America and China in 2014. The Government of these countries shall try to conceal it.
36. There shall be great disaster in Adriatic Sea in 2014.
37. There shall be Influenza and Hepatitis outbreak in 2014.
38. There shall be fire in Benin City Nigeria in 2014. The fire shall spread and the authority shall be blamed.
39. Niagara Falls shall overflow and causing Niagara River floods in 2014.
40. There shall be volcano eruption in Peru in 2014.
41. Prophet Olaye George and his ministry shall move to Lagos, Nigeria in 2014.
42. There shall be landslide in China and United State of America in 2014.
43. HIV AIDS shall be on the increase in 2014.

He that have ear let him hear what the LORD GOD have said.


  1. wat is dis,is it dat itz only bad tinz dat wil happen in 2014,we shld all commit suside den,d only gud tin in his prophesy is abt his church,4 blasphamin abt d catholic church GOD wil punish dis man,

  2. This is ridiculous, why would a man of God talk in this manner? I seriously do not believe this, gush!!anyways I am not surprised because even the bible itself has said it all that so many false prophet will rise in this last days which is the end time, hmmmmm.God please do not let all of this prophecies come true. Have mercy lord.

  3. what are the good things that will now happen?????????// I know that GOD is not a god of problem creator but problem solvers….. hummm It is well in Nigeria and I believed that this our year of overflow

  4. When God was telling u all these things, were u sleeping or awake? How did u capture all? Did God tell u 2 bring pen & paper or probably ur lap top 2 jot them down or God himself wrote them & handed them over 2 u 2 read 2 d public as prophesy? Hmmmm God help us.

  5. We shud al commit suicide then,if al dis ar to apnd then we al as gud as dead,prophet yakura! Wot a gweat trash.

  6. No we shld no insult or say anytin ill abt all d prophercies!!! Bt we shld jst turn God intotality irrespective of our denomination, so dat even if d prophesies r true we wld nt b cought unaware.

  7. Imagine dis! Am a prophet nw listen to wat God told me abt 2014. “First, political parties shall present presidential candidates dis year. Second, there wl b trouble in pdp nd apc ova who wl b presidential candidate. Third, T. B. Joshua wl go on wit more propheces”. Is there anytin u dnt already kwn in my vision? All u nid 2 do 2 b a prophet now is to look at d world events now nd tel wat u tink wl happen nd cal it a prophece

  8. Who can speak and it comes to pass when God has not spoken? Al d churches mentioned don’t they have prophets? I will be alive to c the end of these prophesies.

  9. Can’t laff oooooooo, there shall be new release of lg,bb,samsung,and techno fones……mtchewwwww
    Who doesn’t know dat dey release new model of fones evry year. *beware of these ministers of God*

  10. HAhhhhhhhh man of GOD u make me laf sotay water comot 4 ma eyes wen you no b comidain

    okaynow my torn your church shall move to maduguri

  11. all ur evil words and prophesy will die with u as u see evil tins so shall it be unto u and ur household in Jesus name amen Lucifer in disguise God will expose and disgrace u this time as u fail in d time of Jesus so shall u fail in our life in Jesus name as u love evil so shall evil slay you today i reverse all ur evil prophesy back to you in Jesus name it will not stand by d power in d blood off Jesus i nullify it so shall it be Satan u tink u can scare people u only brought curse to ur self

  12. May Almighty Allah help us greatly in dis country&d entire world.But,mr.seer,wen u c all dis tins,y cant u pray against dem so dat,d said tins wudnt occur.Sir,if u nid an ocean of congrgatn,pls contact occultic pastors,dey wil so u d way.Evil soul

  13. God will nulify all your plans,and the false prophet shall all be wiped out.Toyal rubish.What pastor Adeboye only prophesy is the ultimate from God.Woe betard fake prophets

  14. I see dis as mere predictions that any1 in dis world can cum up wit. Dnt deceive urself by calling it prophecy. I can authoritatively tell u dat the Lord neva spoke to u at all. U beta repent nw dat u hav d opportunity.

  15. OMG y is that his own prophecies are full of destruction? Meaning dat God has no good plans for Nigeria and d world entirely did year. Is better we all commit suicide before d manifestation of your prophecies begins.are u telling us dat God really told U ur ministry is moving to Lagos did year? Why not plaeteu or Maiduguri? God have mercy your children.


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