PHOTOS: Meet The Beautiful Women In Charly Boy’s Life

There’s nothing as loving as seeing a Man who is proud of his kids and he isn’t shy to let the world know, Charly Boy has proved to be one as he shared photos of his four beautiful daughters and grand daughter and even wrote beautiful poems to celebrate them.
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My pride and joy
So many things I want to give you
So many things I want to teach you
Teach you about courage and strength
When standing tall is no longer easy
But standing for the ones who can’t
Thinking and fending for yourself
Because you’re daddy’s makeover
Teach you to fight back
To never back down
How to pick yourself back up
When you have been knocked down
Fight for what you believe
Because you’re daddy’s make over
I gave you my stubbornness
Gave you my pride
Gave you my temper
Teaching you not to take crap
To speak your mind no matter who
Work for what you want
Because you’re daddy’s make over
Love you more than you will ever know
Because in you I see me
That’s why you’re daddy’s make over


My princess Yvonne
What can I say to let you know
What a special person you have been in my life
My best friend, helper, student and my mirror
I love so many things about you
Your smile, your soul and the fact that you
don’t make me feel old
I love the fact that you are so charismatic
Like me and people can really see that
You’re nothing like the rest
Thanks for being the daughter I always wanted
I couldn’t have asked for a better one
I love you so much


My pride
“Special” is the word
That is used to describe
Something one of a kind
Like a hug or a sunset
Or a person who spreads love
With a smile or kind gesture
“Special” applies to something
That is admired and precious
Which can never be replaced
Ada,”Special” is the word that best describes you
Olivia (Charly Boy’s grand daughter)
My Princess Olivia
I have been blessed with many grand children
But you’re special
Like a gem, precious and polished
I watched you grow into a woman
Heaven helps anyone who hurts you
You’ll never really know how much you mean to me
A grandfather’s love buried so deep
That only my heart can see
Ada snr
You have grown into a beautiful woman
You have made this man a grandfather
Six times over
Your beautifully carved body
Inspired my physical well being
There may be distance between us
But you are where it matters the most
In my heart
I love you AdaFit


  1. The Chairlyboy is a brand that has come to stay,like it or hate does not Change anything but the man behind the name has proven yet one thing and that is am a family man and I love My children even the women amongst them are by no means lesser loved than their Male counterparts and that’s the part I love most.Oga Chairly ride on but rember me whenever your handing them over to man oh,no chop alone!LOL.


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