Nollywood Actress Involved In Theft Banned From The Movie Industry

The Yoruba actress, Yetunde Akilapa who was beaten and arrested for stealing has been expelled by Leaders of the Odunfa Caucus, the Yoruba movie circle.


Following her shameful act, she has hereby been banned from featuring in any movie.

Veteran Yoruba actors, Yinka Quadri, Taiwo Hassan, Abbey Lanre, Rilwan Onilegbale and Sunny Alli are some of the members of the caucus in Ebute Metta, Yaba area of Lagos State.

Yetunde Akilapa who was caught by some residents after unlawfully breaking into an apartment in 15, Ibitayo Street, Magodo, Phase 2 on Sunday, January 12, 2014. She was arrested but later granted bail by the police after her friends and family members intervened.


  1. To behead is not solution to headache, Yetunde Akilapa has spiritual problem, and such problem require spritual solution. Banning her from acting will only compund her problem which will not do her any good. I will only surgest that the likes of Tiwo Hassan, Yika Quardri and others, should have advice the family to take her out as Yoruba for total cure. It is not her wish to be stealing so, a idle hand always an instrument of devil. Pls don’t sack her.

  2. She seriously needs rehabilitation , reform, and counselling . The association should help her .Other members snatching husbands are equally guilty of stealing human being .

  3. Don’t ban her. I feel for her. This will only compound the problem. She needs help. Where is get family. You reliving her from get job could also be the aim of the devil who did this to her.

  4. My own opinion is dat d association or club dat she belongs too shuld nt jst sack her becos she ws caught stealing, bt rather advice her and even take her 2 a man of God 2 cast out d spirit of stealing, becos wat she is doing she might nt even knw herself. So pls am pleading on her behalf 4gve her becos 2 Err is human and 2 4Gve is divine dnt let d mistake she has done undermine d relatnshp u guys hv built 2geda.

  5. Tis is the time she need you most, 4 her to belitle her self on steling you should know that it is bejoin her making so pls cacuse what are we friends for in time like this

  6. There is a prayer in yoruba-OLUWA MA JE KI EMI SISESISE BA LE MI,i want u 2 knw dt wot happend 2 ds actress is nt ordinary bt a spiritual battle dt needs a real spiritual intervention of God bcos ds is a spirit dt want 2 bring her 2 nakedness n ruin her life,d ODUNFA CAUCUS,i kn ar vry dsppointd bt a friend in need is a friend indeed,dnt cast her away bt help her so dt d devil wl b ashame,OMO ENI KI I BURU TITI KA LE FEKUN PA,i kn wt d help of prayer she wl b save so pls lets all try n SAVE-A-SOUL

  7. A woman cut with fornication was brought to Jesus for judgement but Jesus said “if any of you has never committed any of such, let him/her first stone the woman”. We all no wort happened after. I think the leaders of Odunfa caucus shld no dat dis is not ordinary as a Yoruba. The solution to her problem is wort I expect from this caucus not but not banned. Pls listen to d voice of many Nigerian and do the right thing on time. Ire ooooo.

  8. As long as God liveth and His spirit dwells in His people, it’s just a problem that needs solution, just like what every one of us artists are facing in different dimension, whether spiritual or no spiritual, let’s help her, she’ just facing her own problem in another way, afterall, we all have ours, God help us all, amen. ANTP – PROGRESSS . To my antp’s ogas at the top, your decision is what no one can tampered with but we can beg you to tamper justice with mercy, God bless Nigeria, God bless antp………..

  9. My brother&sister @ odunfa caucua,pls I don’t no her but u no,gbogbo wa la mo itumo oole,olorun ma jeki ari ole Afishe,ki olorun ma bawa je ki o to tun wa she Amin,aiye le pupo olorun awa pelu yin oo Amin,Egbon GANIYU KADRI is one of your broda from ESIE thanx,WAFAFANAU MONKANA ALIYA ODUNFA CAUCUS IN GENERAL AMIN

  10. Why are u guys banning her? Did u bann ur member caught with hard drug @ the airport? She needs support and not condemnation. I feel for her and as others had said, I believe she has spiritual problems. Again, kleptomania is a disease, may be she is suffering from that and she may need rehabilitation. Cheers.

  11. She really. Need an urgent deliverance bcos this į̸̸̨§ not her first time Ãήϑ she has been doing Ԃäϔ even τ̲̅ȍ her collegues in locations, she really needs help Ãήϑ ℓ̊ want you guys τ̲̅ȍ support her bcos its not her wishes

  12. Ibinabo Fiberisima murdered a medical doctor while she wz drunk-driving,today she’s president of AGN. Some actresses have been caught in lesbian acts (which is now a crime in Naija) & nobody suspended them. Baba Suwe wz caught with drugs & was vindicated(?). Yetunde wz caught with master keys in a house & nobody saw her with any stolen item,she wz banned. Up Naija! Hw many of her accusers are innocent of theft(even if it’s theft of husband or wife or material things) or is it bcos dy hv not been caught. Y should dy cut off her source of daily living(she may now steal due 2 hunger). Pls,dy should pity her & suspend her instead.


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