Negative Perception Of Africa’s Socio-political Situation Responsible For Low Investment Inflow — Dangote

President and Chief Executive of Dangote Group, Aliko Dangote has decried the negative perception of socio-political situation in African countries, saying it is responsible for the low level of investment inflow into the continent.

Speaking during a live telecast of a business platform “Africa’s Next Billion” alongside other leaders including Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan and Ghana’s John Mahama, at the on-going World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Dangote stated that the wrong perception of the security and political situation in Africa had made investors especially from the West lose sight of the potentials in the continent.

According to him, the African countries have also done little or nothing to remedy the ugly situation.

Explaining that the situation in Africa was not as bad as being painted, the business mogul said corporate investors don’t check what Africa is truly about, but base their judgment and perception on what they read in newspapers, which is not always positive.

“For instance foreign investors wait for election to be concluded, after then, they try to check the stability of government of the day for at least two years but then, it is more difficult to take any decision because the tenure of the government is coming to an end and by so doing, foreign investors are scared of incoming or incumbent and the cycle keeps going on.

“But then I don’t think there is anything to be afraid of because no government is against business, every government is pro-business. Most business risk is perceived not actual risk”, he stated.

Dangote lamented that Africa isn’t good at telling its’ our own stories, people often rely on stories they heard from others to make their decision, most times those stories are not true. People always underestimate Africa.”


  1. I am not surprised that Dangote is blind to the truth.Our Newspapers are reporting the truth. Allahu taala has cursed liers”Fa lanatul Lahi alal kasibina “. Why should anybody in his right senses lie when the reality is clear. Nigeria is corrupt, she is enmeshed it filth,and the president is beating j his chest on falsehood. Dangote is reaping and thriving and flourishing in this mess. I wonder what will happen to his empire if corruption is absent. Only the foreign investors that are prepared to join the bandwagon are coming to invest in Nigeria. May Allah sweep away all the agents of corruption from power. Amin kun-faya-kun .


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