MTN Denies Increasing Price Of Recharge Cards

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Have you bought MTN recharge cards over the expected price this year? Retailers of MTN recharge cards have alleged an increase in the price they buy recharge cards in bulk as responsible for increase in the retail price.

Some retailers add N20 over the normal price (based on value) of all MTN card denominations they sell. For instance a N200 MTN card may be sold at N220.

The arbitrary increase is applicable to only MTN recharge cards in most parts of Lagos.

Some retailers said the cards were scarce and dealers have now capitalised on the scarcity to increase their retail prices.

“MTN cards are scarce in Lagos and dealers are selling to us at increased prices, so we too have to add N10 or more to each denomination to recoup our money,” a retail vendor, Emeka Ogor, told Thisday.

Worried about this development, the management of MTN has therefore said it has not effected any retail price increase in any of the recharge card denominations, stating that the face value of all its recharge card denominations remain the same.

Corporate Services Executive, MTN, Mr. Wale Goodluck, said: “We have not effected a price increase and the retail price of the various denominations of our recharge cards and recharge vouchers remain the same.

“Our recharge vouchers come in the following denominations: N1,500, N750, N400, N200 and N100, and must be sold at the face value.”

Disturbed by the new development which started last week, Goodluck said: “Any such hike is contrary to MTN’s wishes or knowledge. MTN has a well-established distribution structure and all our authorised partners within this structure are obliged to sell recharge cards at their face value.

“Any variance from the authorised face value of recharge cards is without MTN’s knowledge or authority.”

“MTN’s 55 million customers can purchase airtime via recharge cards or recharge vouchers as well as through a virtual top-up. The airtime recharge options are generally distributed via a very extensive trade and distribution network which has over the years successfully enhanced accessibility to airtime and customer convenience,” he said.

Goodluck assured customers that the company was working assiduously to arrest the situation and urged its customers in the affected areas to explore other options of purchasing their airtime, such as the MTN Virtual Top Up (VTU) or MTN Auto-Top Up.


  1. I’ve been purchasing recharge card since Dec last year even not up to an hour ago I bought N 200 card at N220 and yesterday N400 card at N440 so you people should know that. I write from Enugu

  2. I have been buying it for 965 in brick or a roll as u will understand to sell at @ 975 so how do u want the retailers to sell 100 with 25 naira profit in a thousand naira biz. Mtn sorry for u guys glo is been sold for 930 can u see the difference.

  3. not even Lagos or other part of the South part of the Country,this increase is all over the Country,b/c even Kebbi State we are buying MTN recharge cards at higher price than the previous days.and if MTN is not aware of this increments why does MTN not stop them?

  4. If D increase is done by mtn itself then,they shoulD rise up n correct unnecessary Increment put up by retailers to oppress d masses.

  5. mtn should please carry along their sub trade partners in their plans because these are also people mostly family men and women and the amazing thing is that, they do the most job but they go home with peanut, a lot of them are heavily owing, this is a serious matter, I wrote from umuahia, Abia state.

  6. is this the job opportunities you want to create by taking food away from ur trade partners? don’t pretend you don’t know what is going on with ur product, MTN caused the increase. I am a trade partner, formally we get supplied at the rate of 94 and give to the retailer at the rate of 95, which was even small for the retailers compare to other networks, but now we get supplied at the rate of 96.5, that was caused by there new policy

  7. MTN if your denying of increase of recharge card, them you have to go out there to deal with the people that increase the price. I mean your dealers, the whole sellers, go out there find out by your self, arrest them. Before the petty retailers. Thank you.


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