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Mentally Strong Daters: The 13 Things They Avoid



images (3)Mentally strong dating entrepreneurs don’t…

1. Waste Time Feeling Sorry for Themselves. Morin writes: “You don’t see mentally strong people feeling sorry for their circumstances or dwelling on the way they’ve been mistreated. They have learned to take responsibility for their actions and outcomes, and they have an inherent understanding of the fact that frequently life is not fair.” Mentally strong dating entrepreneurs don’t sit and wallow in their dating sorrows or repeatedly curse their circumstances. They give themselves time to grieve over a disappointment or setback, reflect on what they’ve learned, dust themselves off, and put themselves back out there, smarter and more empowered for what they’ve experienced.

2. Give Away Their Power. Morin writes: “Mentally strong people avoid giving others the power to make them feel inferior or bad. They understand they are in control of their actions and emotions.” Mentally strong dating entrepreneurs don’t give away their power to those they date; they don’t allow others to make them feel unworthy of love or respect. If they sense a new partner is making them question these things, they walk away with their dignity and self-respect intact.

3. Shy Away from Change. Morin writes: “Mentally strong people embrace change and they welcome challenge.” Mentally strong dating entrepreneurs acknowledge that the unknown is scary but they also trust in themselves to be able to manage and move through changes in themselves and their dating lives. They recognize that change in their thoughts and actions can bring opportunities and exciting new possibilities, that to evolve and adapt is a good thing as scary as these changes may be. They understand that the process of change may be uncomfortable, but they also recognize that their old ways of thinking and acting will never allow them to move forward and create the type of love they want for themselves.

4. Waste Energy on Things They Can’t Control. Morin writes: “In a bad situation, [mentally strong people] recognize that the one thing they can always control is their own response and attitude, and they use these attributes well.” So, too, do mentally strong dating entrepreneurs recognize that the only thing they can control in their dating and love lives is their own thoughts, feelings, and actions, and that to attempt to control another human being and how they think, feel, and act is futile, unproductive, and exhausting.

5. Worry About Pleasing Others. Morin writes: “A mentally strong person strives to be kind and fair and to please others where appropriate, but is unafraid to speak up.” Mentally strong dating entrepreneurs understand that they need to bring positive qualities to the dating world, such as thoughtfulness, kindness, and friendliness, but they also trust in and listen to their needs. They have a voice and use it when necessary to communicate their needs to dates and in budding relationships.

6. Fear Taking Calculated Risks. Morin writes: “A mentally strong person is willing to take calculated risks. This is a different thing entirely than jumping headlong into foolish risks.” Mentally strong dating entrepreneurs understand the difference between taking necessary risks versus unnecessary risks as they build and shape their love stories (a concept I tackle in my forthcoming book Skin In the Game: Unleashing Your Inner Entrepreneur to Find Love). They understand that they will need to make themselves vulnerable and take chances in ways they’ve never done before, but they learn to not risk in ways that have repeatedly led them down unhealthy, dangerous paths. See this poem.

7. Dwell on the Past. Morin writes: “[Mentally strong people] invest the majority of their energy in creating an optimal present and future.” While mentally strong dating entrepreneurs recognize that their past can be instructive and seek ways to unpack and understand how their past has affected their present, they also understand that analysis without action and experimentation is unproductive. So they take action in the dating world (armed with the knowledge from their past) and act their way into new ways of thinking and new possibilities as they move forward.

8. Make the Same Mistakes Over and Over. Morin writes: “A mentally strong person accepts full responsibility for past behavior and is willing to learn from mistakes.” Mentally strong dating entrepreneurs take the time to reflect constantly on their thoughts, feelings, and actions in the dating world. They don’t just go through the dating motions like a mindless dating zombie but are self-reflective and are dedicated to building self-awareness. Conner writes: “Research shows that the ability to be self-reflective in an accurate and productive way is one of the greatest strengths of spectacularly successful executives and entrepreneurs.” So, too, for dating entrepreneurs.

9. Resent Other People’s Success. Morin writes: “Mentally strong people have this ability to feel genuine joy and excitement for other people’s success.” Mentally strong daters do their best to keep their envy and jealousy of others’ dating and relationship joys in check and learn how to be happy for others’ happiness. And if they’re really smart dating entrepreneurs, they may even seek to learn from these people’s experiences, in terms of how they created healthy, happy relationships, applying these lessons to their own lives.

10. Give Up After Failure. Morin writes: “Mentally strong people are willing to fail again and again, if necessary, as long as the learning experience from every ‘failure’ can bring them closer to their ultimate goals.” In the entrepreneurial world, this is called “failing up”. In the dating world, mentally strong dating entrepreneurs learn to see their failures as assets, and are committed to learning from them and then building on them. I like to call this trial and error process of dating my “Date. Learn. Repeat. model of entrepreneurial dating”, through which daters learn to take action, learn from their actions, and then act again, building on the knowledge that they are gaining through their actions to eventually create a healthy, happy relationship.

11. Fear Alone Time. Morin writes: “Mentally strong people enjoy and even treasure the time they spend alone. They use their downtime to reflect, to plan, and to be productive.” Mentally strong dating entrepreneurs also recognize the power of reflection time. They don’t seek to busy themselves every second as a way to alleviate their loneliness or to avoid having to reflect on their lives. They take time to unplug; they go on long walks or take long showers or take long drives in the car with the radio off or journal or just sit in quietude, as they grapple with the questions to which they are seeking answers.

12. Feel the World Owes Them Anything. Morin writes: “Mentally strong people enter the world prepared to work and succeed on their merits, at every stage of the game.” Mentally strong dating entrepreneurs understand that they don’t happen upon love through luck or serendipity. They understand that they make their own fate through the beliefs with which they choose to fill their minds and the actions they decide to take. They understand that creating a healthy, happy relationship takes time, effort, experimentation, and commitment, and they are willing to invest in themselves at every stage of the “dating game.”

13. Expect Immediate Results. Morin writes: “Mentally strong people are ‘in it for the long haul’. They know better than to expect immediate results.” Mentally strong dating entrepreneurs recognize that to expect immediate results when certain toxic core beliefs or habits have been entrenched for years is unrealistic. They understand that the love story (their love venture!) they are building and shaping is a journey and try to appreciate the steps along the way.

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Health and Food

Avoid These Nigerians Food To Burn Stubborn Belly Fat (Video)



Being overweight or obese can be detrimental to your health. It is not advisable to have excess fat in the abdominal cavity because it can lead to some health issues. Getting your dream body will not be easy and you need to make some sacrifices to your diet. You will also need to turn a blind eye to some fatty foods.

If you’re ready to get rid of the belly fat, then stay put as Information Nigeria brings you some important tips that will help.

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3. Eat the right amount of fruits, vegetables, fibrous foods and whole grains – You can add vegetables, fruits and whole grains to your weight loss diet. They provide essential vitamins, minerals, fiber and other substances that are good for your body. Examples of fibre rich foods include; beans, broccoli, avocados, apples, oatmeal brown rice and whole grain bread.

4. Try to incorporate exercise into your daily or weekly routine – Exercise helps to speed up your metabolism and helps you shed weight. The bitter truth is that wearing just waist trainers and staying put in one position will not make you lose that stubborn belly fat. You should hit the gym.

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6. Try out apple cider vinegar – Apple cider vinegar is made in a two-step fermentation process. It is obtained from apples that have been crushed, distilled and fermented. Acetic acid is the main active component of apple cider vinegar. It is safe for consumption in small quantities and can be taken as a supplement. Do not also consume it straight from the bottle or in its pure form. Add 1 to 2 tablespoons to water before you drink. You can also add honey or lemon. It is best to drink it before your meals. Research shows it has many health benefits, such as lowering blood sugar levels.

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Williams Uchemba And His Wife Exchange Wedding Vows In Lagos (Video)



Williams Uchemba and his wife, Brunella Oscar

Williams Uchemba and his wife, Brunella Oscar

Popular Nigerian actor, Williams Uchemba and his wife, Brunella Oscar have officially solemnized their union.

The couple finally exchanged their wedding vows at Dominion city church in Lagos state.

The beautiful wedding ceremony was reportedly officiated by the founder of the church, Dr. David Chukwudi Ogbueli alias Papa Eagle.

Celebrities, fans and well-wishers poured in congratulatory message for the couple after photos and videos from the ceremony hit the internet.

The actor wore a sleek tuxedo, while his bride,  wore a lovely white gown.

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Watch the videos below:

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Actor, Model, Comedian, Philanthropist… Meet The Latest Groom, Williams Uchemba



Williams Uchemba

Williams Uchemba

Williams Uchemba, who was born on October 22, is an actor, motivational speaker, model, comedian, entrepreneur and philanthropist. The Abia-born thespian graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relation from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka in Enugu State.

Uchemba began his career in the early 2000s as a child actor and came into the limelight in 2001 after appearing in the Nollywood blockbuster movie, “The Journey of the Dead” along with Olu Jacobs, Ramsey Noah, and Pete Edochie.

Since then, the multi-talented actor never looked back as he has gone ahead to feature in more blockbuster movies like Sugar Rush (2019), Merry Men 2(2019) and Story Story: The African Rideshare (2018). He is the recipient of several awards.

The actor adopted an 18-year-old furniture maker in June and he promised to sponsor his education. He recently got married to his longtime girlfriend, Brunella Oscar at her hometown, Alor in Anambra state. The actor’s wife, Brunella opened up on their love story with Wedding Digest Naija and she disclosed that she made the first move. According to the English trained medical doctor, they both met on Facebook after she sent him a message.


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