Meet Bisi Alimi: “The First Nigerian Gay” To Come Out On CNN


So the rave continues, days after the bill was passed against gay rights in Nigeria, seems like Nigerians are beginning to become more open with the gay issues.

Bisi Alimi the first Nigerian man to openly declare he was gay on TV was on CNN to talk about his experience and the Nigerian anti-gay law.

Read Excerpts below: –

In 2004, Bisi Alimi did an extraordinary thing.He went on national television and told his fellow Nigerians that he was gay.
“There were so many things we don’t talk about,” Alimi told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour on Thursday. “My career was on the line, I was going to be outed by the media.”
It was better, he decided, to come out of the closet on his own terms……

 “I have a responsibility to stand up for the community, to give a face to the community, to demystify the old arguments that there are no homosexuals in Nigeria,” People were not ready to educate themselves. And this created a lot of problems for the LGBT community in Nigeria.”I couldn’t get a job, I left university, nobody was going to employ me, my life was constantly in danger, I was always beaten, arrested by the police, discharged.Parliament passed the bill last year, so why did the president sign it now?

“He has been boxed to a corner,” Alimi said, who believes President Jonathan is increasingly politically alienated.
I know, like so many other Nigerians know, that this is a distraction.As for those fellow countrymen, Alimi believes that for many, their intolerant views are bolstered by religion.How many Nigerians know…what this law means? Or how many Nigerians have an understanding outside of religion what exactly we talk about when we talk about sexuality?”“Why then should religion be the basis of putting a law in place in a secular state?”
He would eventually seek asylum in the UK, where he now lives.He became the first Nigerian to declare his homosexuality on television.In that same year, 2004, Alimi had been diagnosed with HIV. He had been working for years as an activist with the gay community in Nigeria, and was programing director for an HIV-advocacy group.


  1. Alimi, u can go to hell with d sexuality enlightenment, even lower animals dont practise homosexuality and lesbianism. So, y should we that say we are higher animals degenerate to such? D so called western world [email protected] is supporting gay/lesbian right, dont dey have ppl who practise beastiality, y have dey not signed into law, a bill in support of beastialism, pedophillia, public ponography, prostitution, etc. All of these are a part of the right of association and expression. Are they not?

  2. Let Bisi Alimi go to hell. I guess he contracted his HIV infection via the immoral act of HOMOSEXUALISM. Mtcheeeeeeeeeeew.

  3. What Bisi needs is our prayer for the repose of his soul.He is a living copse, the soul is dead. Was he a product of homosexuality? What a pity.

  4. The mental state of Bisi Alimi should be 1st ascertained, he might be sick upstairs,…same to other homos.
    Like I always say, gays n lesbians are a bit sick sick upstairs, n should be treated as such…

  5. d devil’s que to alima is dat,if his parents were gay nd lesbian,wuld he be born,after infectin himself wit hiv thru dis immoral act,he is now an who i may ask.u can stay in UK,where rubbish re tolerated

  6. Y can’t we stop for a moment and be rational..I also believe that this people are sick, but! I believe that they are human being who have Rights. And if we believe they are sick truly, imprisonment is then not the solution..Probably, they should be burn in the stakes. And if we cannot do that, cos it might spark human rights actions from the international community for babarism. Then we should look at it from another perspective, Enlightenment about sexuality and respect/dignity of human person.

  7. Bisi is already a dead man use by USA ΑϞ∂ UK 4 there stupid ΑϞ∂ shameless abomination may Ǧ̩̥oƌ̲̣̣̣̥ help U̶̲̥̅̊ all ΑϞ∂ save safe soul B¢Ø$ he is death corps already a disgrace 2 U̶̲̥̅̊я̥ parents ΑϞ∂ community dat explain were U̶̲̥̅̊ contacted HIV from fool hell fire candidate

  8. Alimi is sick,if homosexual was a good thing to indulge he would have looked better than he is now.sickly as he looks what has being a gay benfited him.except that those who introduce him to it have stolen his virtue shikenah.if u doubt him ask about his personal life

  9. God doesnt seek for d death of a sinner rather than to repent,therefore he will touch ur heart,he will heal u and ur fellows.Receive total delieverance in jesus name.

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  11. HIV started with these beasts called homosexuals. And up till now none of them can see beyond their nose. The Western world call it human right and none of you ever asked yourselves what sort of destructive human right is this? Close to 80% of them are HIV positive, they’re perishing by the day, and funny enough they’re still looking for legal backing to destroy themselves the more. No single human being is a product of homosexuality, and that is where to start changing the mentality that some were born gay.


  13. Bisi! Bisi!!………. Am sure u dnt know wot u luk lyk in dis photo……if dis is exactly how u luk, huh… Then am afraid ur virus is gradually becoming syndrome nd u re luking 4 people to devour……… Pele o bisi d wounded lion. You urself know how often u cry bitterlly in ur closet. Y not admit u av missed it instead of dis by force campaign.

  14. i was right! The first time i saw Alimi picture i said within myself this guy looks like HIV patient. Well, Alimi or what u call urself i know that u are an educated illitrate who do not understand sematics. Nigeria is not a circular nation, go and check for the origin and meaning of the world circular.

    You asked us to wear coat under hot sun, we did!
    You said we should speak your language, we
    obediently dumped ours!
    You asked us to tie a rope round our necks like
    goats, we obeyed!
    You said our ladies should wear dead people’s hair
    instead of the natural ones God gave to them,
    they obeyed,
    You said our decent gals should wear catapults
    instead of the conventional pants, they obeyed!
    Now u want our men to sleep with fellow men AND
    women with fellow women so that God would visit
    us like Sodom and Gomorrah?
    You’ve done everything to get rid of the black
    I tot slave trade had ended?
    A man and a Man, A woman and A woman?
    I tell you we will have an empty planet earth and
    Maybe aliens will finally take over.
    We say tufiakwa, chukwu ekwena, God 4bid, Ojo
    kiko, Allah ya sauke!!! NEVER, IMPOSSIBLE, we
    can’t. @rayblaize 2656b111

  16. Bisi Alimi! U are under a high demonic ascendancy……. Cause is the day u wer conceived!!! I hope ur parents got u by Sodomy, gays or wat ever, show ur selves in Nigeria, and u all shall be stoned 2 death!!!!!!

  17. How can someone feel comfortable to dig his dick inside an anus filled wth shit on his fellow man. This pple are highly possessed & needs to be exterminated. Bisi, just come to Naija, we are waiting to kpai u immediately u step ur demonic feet on the airpot.

  18. Alimi, as it may look tough in Nigeria to be slammed with 15yrs imprisonment, Uganda has signed theirs and guess what; its LIFE sentence and anyone who has knowledge of it without reporting will be sentenced 2yrs in jail! So brother, in all ur efforts to avoid Nigeria pls strive not to find ursef in Uganda! Finally, I will tell u d truth and d truth is – Give ur life to Jesus today!

  19. Oloshi aburo werey if guy were rampant around 1750 lets say 1810 or so d world population wuld not be like diz are u going to stay faithful wit ur partner dat none of u wuld ave an heir to carry on wen he is gone.

  20. Ah ah! What is wrong with you people? Just because he’s gay, all of you are saying he should go to hell. I’m sure at least of you have committed fornication before but is anybody cursing you? NO! Fornication and homosexuality are both equally bad in my opinion so I don’t see the reason why people should be judging him based on his sexuality alone. I know he went to go and be an ode and get HIV but he shouldn’t be criticized so harshly. What did he ever do to you guys? eh? It’s people like you that make others commit suicide. It’s people like you that prevent Nigeria from peace. Thank God I’m moving away from this fucked up country.


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