JUST IN: Dance Queen Kaffy Welcomes Super Cute Baby Girl + PHOTOS

Heavily pregnant Dance Queen, Kaffy Shafau-Ameh became the cover star for the January 2014 issue of Motherhood In-style Magazine. And today she finally gave birth to “a great baby girl.”

_rebecca_dancer_1 kemi_opasho

“Pregnancy has been good to me. I’ve never had a high risk pregnancy, neither do I have the type that you’re sick all through. So far, I’ve had normal pregnancies, just that some of my symptoms are quite mild unlike some other women out there.

I don’t vomit. Yes, i’m nauseated and tired sometimes. Just the usual things, it’s normal. To deal with fatigue, I tune my mind to fun things, so, I ‘am always up there. I’m happy, I try to keep myself happy. I motivate myself, I can do it, I have the power to do it. I’m a self motivator.”

Congratulations to a happy mother!
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