“Jonathan Is Embarrassing Nigeria By Still Keeping Stella Oduah In His Cabinet”

The Lagos State House of Assembly has described the alleged certificate forgery of the Minister of Aviation, Ms Stella Oduah as embarrassing.


The spokesman of the House and chairman, House Committee on Information, Strategy, Security and Publicity representing Epe Constituency II, Hon Segun Olulade stated in a press statement, yesterday, that the House is disappointed.

Hon Segun Olulade also said that President Goodluck Jonathan was deliberately abusing the office of the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria by refusing to let Stella Oduah out of his cabinet.

Nigerians are not the only people reading the online tabloid; the news coming out in the newspapers are read globally by everybody, thereby giving the whole world spontaneous knowledge of what is going on around the world. And if for any reason, Mr President has continued to ignore high level scandals in his cabinet that are making headlines on daily basis, keeping the perpetrators in his cabinet and showing to Nigerians that ‘he truly doesn’t care’, then Mr President is himself leading the team of the people fighting war against our nation’s integrity.”

According to Olulade, the president has no justification for refusing to sack the Minister considering the various scandal she’s been facing.

“Instead of ‘Madam Minister’ to resign honourably and apologise to Nigerians, she rather rushed to erase fake section of her profile online. This is unthinkable! The Aviation Minister is only living a ‘plastic life’ not even expected from lower cadre citizens of this country”, Olulade said.


  1. Dear Hon Odulade!
    You are a typical example of a bad Nigeria, you are sure pursuing a personal vendatta. The world was not embarassed that subsidy fruad matter has been swept under the Carpet, not that Hon Bankoles case has died a natural death, not embarrassed that multi-Billion Pension fund has gone unresolved. The world is use to those who make mountains out of mall hill. Those that sacrifice Innocent lambs ask Hon Ette who events has later vindicated. All thanks to people like you. Where is this vehemence coming from and where has it been all these days? You have left Otte alone its now Odua! Selective justice is no justice. Pursuing the speck if at all and leaving the log in your own eye is why the President is Ignoring you all! Where is the Trillions of the power sector? That is what the world is worried about.We know the victim and the Villians.

  2. @ihejieto. Shut up your bloody mouth you foolish boy. Criminal entities backing criminality at all cost and by all means. Cant you people for one accept the truth? Even your bloody masters in U.S and Europe are telling u fuckers the truth but u are not listening. coconut headed factory made bastards. you guys brains need to be re-wired. dishonest people. ole!

  3. Dear Mr. Segun Olulade,

    I am not a PDP apologist, but the truth must be told at all times, particularly by people who are supposed to be people of “honour”. I condemn in totality many of the actions of President Goodluck Jonathan as he seems clueless at times. However, it does not properly lie in the mouth of any APC member especially someone like yourself, to call for the resignation of Stella Oduah based on perceived corruption. To set the record striaght, nobody or agency has had enough evidence to charge her to a court of law, let alone convicting her. Your speaker, “Honourable” Kuforiji is standing trial before the Federal High Court Lagos on corruption charges, yet he goes on the street of Lagos disturbing traffic with his escort and cars bought from ill-gotten wealth. Or you want to talk about Tinubu who has converted all government land in prime areas to his personal property. I think you should remove the log in your eyes first Honourable Olulade.

    Thank you.

  4. These people have no other better people to interview? Mr low profile journalist u could have been seen to b courageous if u had got his view on the EFCC corruption case against ur brother d speaker LSHA.


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