I’ve Been Sleeping With My Bestfriend’s Husband, We Have Two Kids Now, How Should I Tell Her?

I’ve been best friends with this lady for 15 years but I have been sleeping with her husband behind her back.


She has been married for 10 years and I’ve been sleeping with her husband for almost 9years now. We even have a 7-year-old son and a 3-year-old daughter together.

My best friend does not have the slightest idea of what has been going on as she knows nothing about the affair am having with her husband. She even thinks the kids I have was as a result of one night stand I had.

Her husband sees his kids regularly (the ones we have together), pays child support and pays rents & utilities. We are so close that she is my kids godmother, her own kids come over to have play dates.

Now her husband has gotten a gotten divorce papers and waiting to file them, he wants me to be with me and the kids.

I’m really confused because I don’t know how to tell her? Should I be the one to tell her since I knew her first or should her husband tell because they’re married? Or should we all just sit down and talk?


  1. dt lady believed u r her friend bt u r nt, u hv done ur worse, jeopardised her marriage, u btryed d heart dt loves u. better start praying 4 gvness so dt d wrath of God wl nt come upon u. bt note dt even if ur sins r 4gvn, u wl stil pay 4 ur evil deeds smhow.

  2. Oh dearest Jezebel of our time, why have you chosen the part of darkness? Afflictions shall be married to you. You have pierce the innocent’s heart and spill a pure blood . You will suffer for putting an asunder on what God has joined together. Repent and Confess your sin else your situation will be worst than the city of sodom. A crown of thorns shall be place on your head together with a burning coal.

  3. u hv made d mistake bt if u luv her as u clame pls call her nd ur co tell her d true ask for her forgiveness nd relocate where d man will neva c u nd start a new life by giving ur life to christ he alone cn forgive u

  4. even if the man leaves his married wife and follow u thesame thing u did to ur best friend will still happen to u.better still u can still come and fuck me because na only u get yash to fuck.


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