Is It Normal For A Married Woman To Be Attracted To Someone Else?

Please ladies (married), I need your take on this. Is it possible for a married woman to feel attracted to someone other than her husband?

Its kind of weird but this guy that lives at the apartment opposite ours is…….I don’t know.

Well, the thing is, I feel so uncomfortable around him. Any time he greets me ‘good morning madam’, I feel my heart jump in my throat. I can’t look him in the eye, and when he some time plays with my little girl.

I distance myself from him.

Is this normal? Or is something wrong with me?

Has it ever happened to any of you?

Before you guys go all gaga about what I feel for my husband, not a single doubt about my love for him. If I am to choose a life partner in my next life, I will choose him, again n again n again.

Please help me out and tell me if its normal or it has some thing to do with my age (late twenty)


  1. It’s very possible. There is no crime in that. Is just that you should know what you are doing. Take your stand and love your husband the more.

  2. It is damn abnormal. From ur expression,it`s obvious your feel weak in his presence . You need to work on your self. He is your weakness instead of your husband. Dont be deceived, feeling like that happens but it is not normal. That it happens does not mean it is normal. The basic point is this: the feeling is sexual shikena. Sit yourself down and teach yourself the basics of self control which obviously you lack. Place your precious jewel (husband) above anyone and be strong before any other man and be weak in your husband’s arm. If you keep up that weakling attitude, you are on your path to commit adultery.

  3. My dear it is possible but flee from every appearance of evil,thus says the bible,pray for God’s help in over coming it.Also think of the consequences if you choose to go along with ur feelings and get will actually discover it was not worth it all.Think of your little girl,your husband,your dignity as a person,think about everything you hold dear. It is not worth it!

  4. There’s nothing wrong in getting attracted to someone. It is not what you feel but what you make yourself feel. The questions to ask are: Do you truly love your husband? Do you value your marriage and family? Are you thinking of the future? For a married woman to allow herself think this way, then there’s an issue with her marriage.

  5. This is not about someone else’ opinion, it is all about you. You know within your heart what you are up to and I put it to you straight that you have made up your mind on what you think is best. My dear, you don’t need any advice here, ok? You know what is right and that which is wrong. Choose your choice. But remember this always, everything we do now, may result to an habit on the side of our children. So do not start what you won’t be there to solve. Now, if you need my Candid advice, just think of what you will tell your girls when they grow up about your self esteem.

  6. It is totally abnormal for u to feel attracted by someone after Ur marriage that is wat d bible recorded as lust.if u do it finish u will hate d guy like shit . so dont do it


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