Famous Actor To Marry His Second Wife

Popular Kannywood actor Ali Nuhu, who is also a musician, producer/director is believed to be close to taking a new wife.


According to the sources in the know, the wedding will take place end of first week next month in Kano.

It has been also gathered that Nuhu is taking his second wife from a rich family in one of the biggest emirates in Kaduna.


His first wife Maimuna, who has given him two kids to her marriage, is said to be fine with this.

Nuhu, who hit limelight with his movie Abin Serrine, Dingala, Yana Yi, and Tasir, is known as one of the most scandal-free actors in the industry.

Currently, the actor is on location of a new movie titled hit “Rabo Ajali”.


  1. Ina taya ka murna da fatan Allah ya sanya albarka acikin lamarin kuma kayi kokarin kwatanta adalci a tsakanin matan ka. Wish u all the best in life.

  2. Ina tayaka murna Allah ya baku zaman lafiya da zuriya ta gari amin kuma kar Allah yasa ayi ta DAKIN AMARYA wish u hppy married lyf.


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