Drunk Man Utd Fan Calls Emergency Number, Asks To Speak With Ferguson Following League Cup Exit

ManU vs Sunderland

Hearts were broken last night as Manchester United lost a match that would have given them a good chance of ending what is almost certain to end as their poorest season in decades, with a trophy. But no United supporter seemed to express the pain more than a British fan who called UK emergency number 999 after watching his team lose to Sunderland in the second round of the Capital One Cup semi-final.

The heartbroken fan got drunk and rang 999, demanding to speak to Sir Alex Ferguson.

United crashed out of the League Cup semi-finals on Wednesday night as they lost 2-1 on penalties, having scored in the final minute of extra-time to take the tie to a shootout. Shortly after the final whistle, police received a phone call from a distraught and intoxicated fan in Crumpsall, north Manchester, asking to speak with the retired manager.

Greater Manchester Police confirmed the call at 10.30pm on Wednesday night, and issued a statement on their Facebook page the following morning to ask any other distressed fans not to call to speak to the Scot.

“Last night, at approximately 10.30pm a man from the Crumpsall area of north Manchester rang 999 in a drunken state demanding to speak to Sir Alex Ferguson about last night’s result,” the statement read.

“Obviously, it can be a sad and depressing moment when your football team loses a game, however can we all please remember that 999 is to be used for emergencies only.

“For any other police related enquiries that are not an emergency, you can ring 101.

“If you would like to speak to Sir Alex about recent football results we here at GMP Manchester North can only suggest you try ringing Manchester United FC directly as you will probably (not definitely) have a much better chance of getting through to him there rather than ringing the police.”

Ferguson was in attendance to witness the cup exit, and he looked far from impressed with what he saw, with a look that suggests he’s probably ruing his choice of successor.



  1. Don’t blame him bcos dat’s what a through football lover or fan have to do espacially when his club or national team side is lossing, so u people should blame not. thanks


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