Don’t Make Bad Influential Pics Trend In Nigeria – Fans Attack Jude Okoye Over Showing Gun Collection

Jude Okoye caused his fans’ rage after as a result of him having posted the photo of his gun collection, showing three pistols and some bullets.


Jude, while trying to act like a gangster, posted the offensive picture with a message “F..k with me cos u know I got ‘em.”

A lot of Jude’s followers described his act as shameful and misleading, which is a role model.

Many of the followers pleaded with him to take down the offensive post, but Jude remained adamant, which further generated more criticisms.

“I suggest you take down this photo. You’re not sending the right message to youths out there. With you being a celeb. Real shame!” wrote one follower with handle @Kveeeeeee.

Another follower @alextobechi left a simple comment: “I’m disappointed in you Jude.”

To @Sugarcherry2, the music stars’ brother is stealthily promoting gangsterism: “Hehehehe Tupac and Biggie…Pls Jude don’t start a war biko.”

A follower by name Mor Sene with handle @yuseemi I was more worried and told the award-winning director: “Don’t start this s**t in Nigeria you F***tard…You might have it but don’t show it…Lord knows when pics like this would start becoming a trend in Nigeria…”

The above mentioned person continued: “That’s exactly where I guess the bad influence will start spreading to the masses to make this ‘bad influential pic like’ this in Nigeria trend.”


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