Benue CNPP Throws Weight Behind Buhari’s Bid For Presidency In 2015

170513buhariThe Benue State chapter of Conference of Nigerian Political Parties, CNPP, has declared its support for the candidature of former Head of State, Gen.Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) in the 2015 presidential elections, saying that he remains the genuine face of opposition politics in the country.

Buhari is one of the national leaders of All Progressives Congress, APC, and remains a frontrunner for the party’s presidential ticket come 2015.

The State CNPP Chairman, Mr. Baba Agan, who was speaking with journalists in Makurdi, the state capital, said “Buhari candidature will certainly galvanize mass followership across the country.

“We have all been following the political trends since the advent of the present democratic dispensation in this country and no one in the opposition block can deny the fact that Buhari is the candidate to beat in any election in this country because he represents the face of the opposition”.

Agan, who further noted that the task of dislodging the ruling People’s Democratic Party, PDP, from power in 2015 would be herculean explained that “if the opposition truly wants to assume leadership of the country in 2015, we have no choice but to seek for a detribalized and disciplined Nigerian who has garnered so much experience like Gen. Buhari.

“That is the more reason why I urge all those angling for the presidential ticket of the APC to jettison the idea for now and throw their weight behind Buhari’s candidature in the collective interest of all Nigerians”.

On the open letter written by elder statesman, Chief Edwin Clark to former President Olusegun Obasanjo, Agan said, “in as much as I have no qualms with people writing letters to perceived friends or enemies, I strongly believe that the letter by Chief Clark was absolutely unnecessary.

“Chief Clark might have his genuine reason for the piece but the truth is that the impression some of them are creating in the minds of Nigerians is that the presidency of the country as at now is an Ijaw business.

“That is certainly not a good omen for our unity and the oneness of this country. It is undoubtedly a dangerous dimension that must be checked before we lose conscious of the fact that an elected president is the symbol of the country’s unity.

“We never had it this way during the Obasanjo and Yar’Adua’s administrations. The president of Nigeria should not be reduced to a clannish leader. Moreover, President Jonathan had taken time to reply Obasanjo; it should end at that.  Those loitering around the corridors of power for self-aggrandizement should please save us these pains”, Agan warned.


  1. buhari is one of d greatest rulers of ds country capable of bringing positive changes dat will affect d life of entire citizens of ds country,however,he will never be allowed to ruled ds country cos if he become president all his programs will be geared towards improving d welfare of d masses.Education will be affordable to all d private school owners dont like ds.Electricity will be free d generals and other top politicians dat invest in NEPA will be sad.NITEL will be revived dos dat invested in mtn,glo,etisalat,zain will die of stroke.farming will be revived importers of food will vanish.boko haram.niger delta militants,security issues will be overcome with concrete measures,and richness of ds country will reach every corner of d country.d nigerian capitalist dont like ds.corruption will be drastically reduced corrupt nierians at all level of government will not be happy.dey cant call him corrupt,unnationalistic because dey knew it he is not dat is dey used religion to stop nigerians from other part of d country to hate him.

  2. Yes,Gen Buhari is the most apprioprate candidate that is mostly suitable,capable,adequate,experienced,loyal,accountable and sincere for the office of presidency. He is a man dis country needs at dis end time. The man is absolutely ready to serve dis country wholeheartedly,But hw dis man wl get fixed in is the challenge bz it seems we nigerians avn’t and to allow somebd who wl bring in changes is troublesome. Pls my fellow youth expecially,it’s higt time for changes tins cann’t continue like dis. Buhari is the answer to unemployment,poverty ,corruption,social amenities,good road,free and sound education,good health,security at all levels and socio economic development. God how i wish Buhari becoming Nigeria president dis 2015. We really need him,Nigeria can’t continue in dis undestination and unvission of future.


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