‘Anti-Gay Law Is Nigerians’ Wish’ – Presidency

The Presidency has said the same-sex prohibition law is the wish of Nigerians.

Jonathanimages.jpgSpeaking yesterday during a live programme, stream, on international cable news network, AlJazeera English, Presidential spokesman Dr Reuben Abati said the bill dated back to 2007 and that Nigerians were carried along before it was passed into law, adding that the President did not arbitrarily sign the bill into law.

Abati said majority of Nigerians supported the bill which went through the required procedures before it was passed by the National Assembly and forwarded to the President for assent.

It is not as if the President just woke up and just signed the bill into law. It is, in fact, a private member bill and the gentleman who sponsored it has been going round defending it. When he proposed the bill originally, it was supported by 25 other senators from different political parties.

“The law itself went through the normal procedures, in terms of hearings, in terms of receiving memoranda from Nigerians. At the end of the day, the bill was supported by majority of Nigerians. It is a law in which the people have expressed confidence. Inside Nigeria, there is no controversy (over the law),” he said.

However, a gay rights activists, who also participated in the programme, argued that Jonathan signed the bill to gain more popularity, adding that the bill was anti-democratic.


  1. yes, its true he(gej) signed the bill to gain popularity and to use it to campaign for 2015 general election. but it can’t wrk.
    and for those of you supporting the law, I pray give birth to gay child, then you will understand

  2. Why are Nigerians busy discussing this sabotage please Mr President signing d bill will not give Ʋ ani popularity rather it will dint ur image the more there are other vital challenges we are facing in these country Ʋ have already said no ⁿ sign the 14years imprisonment which most rational nigerians give you kudos for I will advice you don’t waste ur time discussing this sabotage again ⁿ redirect ur mind to pressing needs of nigerians as for d one man sponsorin dis fucking bill he sud travel to d part of the world were dis silly tins happens ⁿ not these Africa (a culture land) gayism will not do us ani ✓ those doin it secretly in this country una go begin go jail one afta the other for trying to mk God the mst supreme thy creator himself think he is stupid for what he has created enough toto full outside una never fit see head take fuck them finish na man yansh una wan com dey fuck ani man near me wit that rubbish na blow inside he eye first b4 further deal withing, Nigerians direct ur heart, mind ⁿ vision to silient tins not the one dat will provoke God the more against our wrong doins already this will b d height of it

  3. We don’t need the law to b signed in Nigeria oooo at all ‘g°̩яℓ ș dey everywere ⁿ we are ok with it jst d way God said it sud be infact Mr P increase the years to 27 ani Nigerian cut guilty of this abomination tufia

  4. Yesss,the anti-Gay Law is Nigerian wish and the wish is what His Excellence Dr.Goodluck just sign. We love the action of our president for discouraging immorallity.God bless my president.God bless Nigeria.


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