[Advice Needed] He Is Not Good In Bed…. Please Help!

Dear Tee,
I am a 24 year old lady and I have been dating this guy for 3 years now. Yes, he has proposed to me, but the problem is that this guy can’t read and write well….he can’t even speak English fluently and he isn’t good in bed. Each time I tell him its over, he cries and begs me. Please, what should I do?


Dear MG,
I think you should let him know the things that displease you about him. You should advise him on how to improve himself… He can take coaching classes or get educational materials that can help him improve on his diction. Also, I think you two should stop having sex for now…. Sex is better when it is waited for…. But then, he can learn to be better in bed from experienced people, say his friends. He could also get books to help him become better. However, the decision to stick with or leave him depends on you…but I believe it is better to fix some things than throw them away.
All the best,

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  2. MG,did d guy use juju to make u date him? Abi u dint knw he had bad diction and cudnt read or write properly b4 datin him? Nw afta 3yrs of wastin his time and makin hm lose opportunitys wt oda gals,u re here sheddn crocodile tears. Why dint u tackle d sex problem 4rm d beginin or leav him wen it was stil early?Evn if u intended to make hm a maga at the beginin,u dey slp wen 3yrs fly pass?Abi u no get conscience? Na nw wey d bros wan marry u,u dey yan dust.Abeg make we hear word jare


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