5 Simple Ways to Treat Mood Swings in Women

images (19)If you are a woman whose moods change like a tide then there is nothing to feel awkward or embarrassed about it. 7 out of 10 women face the same issue and there are ways to treat mood swings. Worry, anxiety, hormonal changes are the most common causes of mood swings in women. Find out more about the most common causes of mood swings in women. Read-
No matter what the reason is , there are ways to eliminate mod swings and you will feel great changes in yourself by simply paying attention and implementing the following solutions:

1. A balanced diet: A proper food intake is a great solution for treating mood swings. Take a healthy diet which will not only keep you fit but also allows you to balance your mood. Choose green vegetables, salads, corns and fruits as a part of your diet. It covers all the necessary minerals, vitamins ( A, C, E) and nutrients which are essential for a body and affects the various changes taking place in the body. Have green tea and herbal tea to rejuvenate yourself instead of consuming tea and coffee.

2. Work Out: A great body workout not only keeps you fit but allows you to treat mood swings. If you are not able to do heavy exercises then join yoga camps or simply dance. Make a routine. Choose an exercise which is comfortable and daily take out 45 mins of exercise. A simple walk in the garden accompanied with some deep breathing exercises at the end will be lucrative as well.

3. Sound Sleep: A woman has a lot of responsibilities and to fulfill them efficiently, it is important to have a sound sleep. To handle the daily routine it is vital to sleep well. Insufficient sleep causes irritation and headaches. At least 7 to 8 hours of sleep is essential. It’s a vital solution.

4. Meditation: Meditation helps you focus and teach you to control your feelings and emotions. You can control your mind in a better way and eliminate mood swings from your life. You can meditate in a quiet peaceful room where you can sit either on a chair or the floor. Pay attention to your breath in the beginning and avoid thinking about anything. The thoughts will trouble in the beginning but slowly and gradually it will flee.

5. Water: It cleanses your body and gives you energy. At times when you feel completely exhausted then two glasses of water with some glucose can be really refreshing. Caffeine and alcohol intake causes mood swings which should be avoided completely and replaced with some juice or healthy soups.
Severe mood swings can affect you to a great extent, so choose a solution to treat mood swings and don’t forget to take care of yourself. Your existence matters and is important !


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