5 Qualities Men Look for in a Life Partner

black-couple-flirting-300x220What qualities do you look for in a woman when you decide to go for the lifelong commitment? Although every man has his own idea of the “perfect one”, there are some qualities that are absolute musts for a happy relationship. We did our own little survey and asked some men around, and here is what we found! These are 5 all-time toppers in a perfect wife traits’ list.

1. Independent
As dated as the concept of ‘housewife’ is, a majority of men today do not prefer a wife who needs to be babysat. If a woman seems to be incapable of handling herself without you then you need to think twice. An emotionally and financially independent woman is not only confident, but she is also strong enough to handle tough situations that are a part of married life. Also, emotionally independent women are seen to be happier than the rest.

2. Presentable and well-mannered
Beauty is certainly a relative concept. However, what all men would definitely want in a wife is for her to be presentable and well-mannered. Having a wife who does not know how to carry herself well at various social occasions, or is clueless about talking to your friends and family, would be a definite turnoff

3. Gives you your space
Why cricket? Where are you going? Why boys’ night out? Where? These questions will inevitably spoil your relaxed weekend plans with friends. Having an over-possessive, too clingy wife, who does not give you any space of your own can be a reason of annoyance every single day. Apart from that, marriage means letting each other grow as individuals as much as a couple.

4. Mental compatibility
If a woman’s thoughts and views are not in sync with yours, then let’s face it, it is not going to work in the long run. No matter how beautiful she is, she will turn you off in this case. Someone who is compatible with you, will know your preferences and choices. You both can take decisions, make choices and plan for the future without major clashes of ideas. Also, having fun becomes easier with someone compatible. In fact, every moment becomes fun.

5. Who does not nag
No one wants a mom for a wife. If she keeps asking questions, keeps giving instructions about your health, plans your daily timetable, and nags all day about it- you will naturally be frustrated. A wife is expected to be more of a friend than a strict governess.
When you find the perfect woman of your dreams, hang on to her. Love her unconditionally. She will be the one sticking by your side through thick and thin. So be a better man for her and strive to keep a smile on her face.




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