4 Things that can Spoil a Perfect Honeymoon

article-20131235010135436834000So you have been planning your honeymoon destination, duration and other details with your fiancé alongside the wedding preparations, and cannot wait for the time when you actually fly off to the destination. But what if even after weeks of planning and making the perfect arrangements, your vacation turns into a dreadful one? Although all that a couple wants to do on their honeymoon is just to relax, explore a new place, enjoy good cuisine and cuddle, even simple things like these can be ruined by the reasons like those mentioned below.

1. The food files
Many honeymoon resorts are located on deserted, virgin, or untouched islands for their peace, beauty and serenity. But what they might also offer is bad sea food. One of our readers, Sayali, and her husband went to a similar destination. She recalls, “Although we booked one of the most expensive and luxurious resorts that the island had to offer, both of us were down with food poisoning from the day we landed to the day we took off. I guess the romance was shattered by the regular runs to the washroom.”

2. Missing paperwork
No matter how elaborate or exotic you wish your honeymoon to be and no matter how well you have planned from the onset, no plan can be complete if you miss important details like correct paperwork, and carrying all the necessary documents along. So while you have been busy in the wedding functions, and all the packing, do not forget your passport, visa paperwork, the mention of correct name on your documents (in case you plan to change your name post-marriage), tickets, etc. The paperwork will of course differ according to your planned destination.

3. Jam-packed itinerary
While planning your honeymoon details, especially if you are going to a popular tourist location, you tend to include a lot of sightseeing in your itinerary. You feel you should not miss a single place worth seeing. Doing this sometimes jam packs your whole schedule so much that you have actually no time left for each other. And when you return to your room, the only thing you want to do is take a shower and call it a night. Definitely not cool for a honeymoon!

4. Getting a sunburn
Beach resorts are a hot favourite amongst couples on their honeymoon. This is the only place where they can wear what they want, do what they want, relax, and just unwind. But sometimes this relaxation and spending too much time out, wet and in the sun can cause severe sunburns. And even a little sunburn can hurt a lot, and is enough to ruin the rest of your trip.



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