11 Items You Should Never Wear To Work

rapper-hatHey Divas, my post is called 11 Items You Should Never Wear To Work! If you want to keep your job, you need to be up to date with the office dress code of your company and obviously you should never ever wear these things to work.

1.Flip flops
Don’t even think about going to work with this type of shoes! Flip flops go to the beach, but not to the office for sure

If you like them, wear them everywhere you want – but forget them at least when you go to work.

3. Body Con
Below you can see timeless and very beautiful bodycon style dress. The unknown designer made a spectacular combination of colors and the one shoulder with 1/4 length sleeve is magnificent. But be careful its very tight fitting doesn’t let you to wear it on work.

4.Wet Hair
Never ever do this!!! Take 5 min to put your hair in order and then leave for the office and even when you are on a hurry make something with your hair. If you have important meeting find time for your hair. The first impression is always important. And don’t let your hair ruin your diva look.

You will make the best choice if you stay away from this type of pants this time. They are not appropriate for this occasion.

6.Sheer Clothing
Wear shirts like this one in night clubs and discos. You will feel terrible if somebody tell you to go home and to change your clothes.

7.Hot Pants and Visible underwear
This is no good choice and you know that for sure!

There are a lot of suitable shoes that you can wear on work. And I think you have it already in your wardrobe. Sneakers are not suitable for this occasion!

9. Hats

You can leave your hat on, but on the street not when you are working. You shouldn’t wear a hat when working, it is just not appropriate.

10. Panty Liners
Be careful with this one! Don’t make mistakes like this, is not cool in the office.

11.Strapless bra

11 Items You Should Never Wear To Work
If you have to wear your clothes with a strapless bra- put them back in your closet immediately. They are not appropriate for working with a your serious and workaholic people.

These are the 11 Items You Should Never Wear To Work. They are rules! And also be careful with the makeup, accessories and the clothes you choose! Read and stay up to date with my posts on Fashion Diva Design!


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