10 Unusual Ways to Use Nail Polish Remover

article-201361569324134361000There are lot more uses of a nail polish remover than just removing your nail enamel. You may be using this cosmetic product to clean your nail enamels, but are you aware of its plenty of other uses? Take a look at other interesting and practical uses of this acetone

1. Sanitising metal
Sharing your tweezers with friends? It would be a good and hygienic idea to sanitise them before using it again. Nail polish remover works efficiently in helping you to sanitise commonly used metal objects at home. You can sanitise tweezers, razor blades and other metal objects by rubbing some acetone of their surface with the help of a cotton swab.

2. Leather shoes
You really love your beautiful leather shoes. You get worried thinking about stains and mud marks on them? Well, you can leave your worrying days behind. Rub your leather piece with a sponge soaked in nail polish remover to make them look pristine.

3. Sticky adhesive
Have you ever faced the agony of superglue sticking on your fingers? Do not pull them apart as you can end up removing some skin. Nail polish remover works great at dissolving the super glue. Just dip a cotton ball in the nail polish remover and apply it on the skin surface till you feel the glue loosening its grip. Same trick also works in loosening stubborn glue caps.

4. Stickers on metals
There is always a sticky residue left behind on the surface, after you remove a sticker or tape off a metal or glass. No matter how many times you wash it off, it is still there. Don’t panic! Apply a few drops of nail polish remover on it. After that, wash it thoroughly with cleansing liquid.
Image Courtesy: Wikihow.com

5. Ink stains
No need to scold your husband or kids for leaving pens with leaking ink in their pockets. Simply soak a cotton ball in the remover and wipe off the ink stains, followed by rinsing it with soapy water.

6. Scratches on watch face
You are not able to figure out the time from your archaic watch, because of all the stains on its surface. Well, no need to throw it away. Just apply some acetone on the plastic surface of the watch. This will help you get rid of those scratches. But remember to rub the remover on the watch with a very gentle hand.

7. Filthy tile floors
Your kid refuses to remove the muddy shoes while stepping into the house? Not to worry. Apply some nail acetone with a sponge and cleanse it with soapy water.

8. Marks on walls
Your children have made some permanent marks on your wall? You have to do more than just scolding them to remove that mark. Here is one simple solution- soak cotton ball in the nail polish remover and rub it on the marks. This great method works well on windows, wallpapers, skin, etc.

9. China bones stain
Guests are coming over and you pull out your favourite china plates, only to find some ugly stains on it. Or after using the bone china, you realise that you cannot get rid of food spots even after washing it. No need to worry. Apply some nail polish remover on the spots and gently rub off with a soft cloth. Thoroughly wash and dry the plates to see the magic!

10. Get rid of leeches
Screaming and running away with those disgusting bloodsuckers stuck to your skin? No need to panic. Grab hold of a nail polish remover as soon as possible. Pour a few drops of the remover directly on the leeches and you can easily peel them off from your skin.

Now you are aware of the various admirable uses of nail polish remover, that has nothing to do with your nail enamel. So, go ahead and try these out!



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