What Does The Bible Say About Tattoos?

When we start searching for answers to the question in the headline, a number of related questions would arise:

henrys-tattoo-covers-the-whole-of-his-left-arm-600x6001. Are tattoos bad?

2. Will I go to hell for having a tattoo?

3. Can I have tattoos and still be a Christian?

4. Are there such thing as “Christian Tattoos?”

Tattoos are a widely debated topic among Christian culture. Look at the questions below:

1. Why would I get a tattoo? or Why did I get a tattoo?

2. Who will my tattoo glorify? or Who do my tattoos glorify?

3. What would my tattoo say about me? or What do my tattoos say about me?

Although these questions may seem silly, they are going to play an important role in your view on tattoos in reference to God’s word. Why? Because the answers to those questions may just be the answers you’ve been looking for.

In Leviticus 19:28, you can see what most people say is a pretty clear-cut answer as to what God thinks about tattoos.

“Do not cut your bodies for the dead, and do not mark your skin with tattoos. I am the LORD.” -Leviticus 19:28.

But as clear as this text may seem, without the context and background, this text can be taken out of context in many ways. And it usually is.

This text is directed towards pagan nations who would violently cut and mark their bodies as a sign of worship to their gods. The tattoos or “markings” one would find on their body would resemble which god or gods their were worshiping.

Pretty different from the tattoos we see today, right? Yup.

Markings or tattoos that resemble worship to anyone other than God are sinful, however that 99% of the tattoos we see in today’s culture are not due to idol worship, but more creative expression and artistic value. It’s not the actual tattoo or marking that is sinful, but the motives in which each tattoo or marking is obtained.

Tattoos are not for everyone. A person has to realize the motives of its heart mean more to God than the ink on the skin. But also realize that this doesn’t mean your body is a free for all canvas to be filled with mindless and ill-thought clip art.

Your body is still a temple, and to treat your body with disrespect is to treat God the same way. Whether you are debating getting your first tattoo or your fiftieth, I pray you will seek God for wisdom, guidance, and evaluate the motives of your heart.

Remember those three questions? Well, it’s time to ask them again.

1. Why would I get a tattoo? Why did I get a tattoo?

2. Who will my tattoo glorify? Who do my tattoos glorify?

3. What would my tattoo say about me? What do my tattoos say about me?

We may not all reach the same conclusion, but that doesn’t mean we are not all loved by the same God.



  1. dont twist the bible the text was given to israelite not pgan nations pls dont say what u want just to justify ur sins. God was giving those laws to the israelite not pagan nation. And like it reads ‘Do not cut your bodies for the dead,
    and do not mark your skin with tattoos.
    I am the LORD.’ cutting ur bodies for the death but tattoos has no reason it should not be done.

  2. D Bible is straight forward about tatoos: DO NOT is a straight forward command and remember God will never call u to b an arbitar of His Word. For whatever reason u think dat u have, putting tatoos on ur body is disobidience against God’s commandment!

  3. Ds instruction is specifically for the Isrealites, not d pagan. So, don’t twist d Bible. Tattooing ur body is a contempt to d temple of God. God does not need ur cuttings to glorify him. Its not until u make a tattoo of cross, or Jesus Christ on ur body that makes u glorify God. Its ur heart, and ur spirit that bring glory to Him. If you hav tattoo on ur body, befor u giv ur life to Jesus, ur sins ar forgiven. But as a christian, u dear not try that. God cannot be mocked.

  4. It was directed to moses by God himself, I don’t know which version of bible u’r using o! And is clearly stated neither for d dead nor any mark upon thy flesh. Be wise

  5. I believed that warning were meant for Israelities and not pagan as you claimed. It is wrong to interpret God word upside down. It is bad to tattoo your skin, Pls advice correctly so as their blood will not be on your hand.

  6. Who are the Isrealites of today? They are simply the christians of now adays so saying that the law only apply to the Isrealite is very wrong everyone who shares in the blessings of the bible equally has the law of tne bible to obey.

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  8. is this admin mad, how the welfare of the pagan consign God. He ever finish with his rebellous isrealite na cum pagan he wn add join. Abeg check ur brain

  9. tatoo in dis endtime s d mark of d beast anyone wit tatoo has gotten d mark already n wil manifest on d last day as 666..bwarned..no mata wat u tatoo on urbody wether animals or jesus christ himself..tatoo s tatoo…repent or u r doom

  10. d word of God doesnt lie nd u evn knw d verse it is den y twist d truth,dis is d prob of som christians we knw d truth yet we wil b lyk we cnt leave those things.d bible says in james 2 vs 13 he shall av judgement without mercy nd dis goes 2 evrybody pastors givin member wrong preachin nd d person dat wrote dis thing leadin people to hell it’s either u repent or u die nd 2 pple dat knws d truth nd stil decides to live in sin u wil die nd go to hell if u dnt change ur ways,may God help us all


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