US Blasts Mariah Carey For Performing In Nigeria: Calling Us A Country Known For ‘Terror, Death And Fraud’.

Seems the US media are not comfortable with Mariah Carey performing at a country they described as the “center of the world’s email financial crimes”.


A popular news site, Radar Online, had this to say on the performance;

Mariah Carey proudly posted a pic of herself in a slinky yellow dress and wrote, “Backstage in Nigeria” on Saturday.

But maybe the songbird should have done some homework before agreeing to the gig?

Her show was at Access Bank’s Christmas Party which was also a farewell bash for the bank’s managing director.

And while Access Bank is a reputable financial institution, should Carey have known a few basics about the African nation before taking the paycheck?

Ironically — given that she was performing for bankers — it seems Carey wasn’t aware Nigeria is well-known as the center of the world’s email financial crimes! Nigeria is even part of the name — as in “Nigerian 411 Scams.”

Nigeria is also, according to the United Nations, the hub of human trafficking as “a source, destination and transit country.

AND, just for good measure, there are mass killings going on in two Nigerian states right now, and according to Human Rights Watch, the violence is being ignored by federal authorities.

Do you think this assessment of Nigeria is right? Do you have any issues with the US star performing for Access Bank? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section.


  1. How on earth could the Americans blasphem a country like Nigeria, then The president, Barack Obama must be stupid if he heard such news and kept silent…

  2. Sadly, we’ve earned that reputation n our credibility ratings r so so low…’s up2 us now 2design n build a new image as a people…..this shouldn’t define us

  3. Nigeria is a creepy country that lacks security: Governments are not worried with the life of citizens, financially unstable, overpopulation, Vandalism, terrorism. How on earth do you expect a positive perception from the media? It’s reputation is in the mud.

  4. where is their so-called freedom. If shes free to fuck whoever and whatever she wants as U.S freedom of expression and association claims, if shes free to change her citizenship to any other country and if shes free move around the world as the U.S freedom of movement claims, then shes also free to visit any country or planet she wants. including hell. whose business is it? abeg, pass me the garri jare!

  5. Every thing the reporter wrote was and is absolutely correct! The problem with we Nigerians is, we see the thruth and refuse to admit it for a positive change to occur for the betterment of the country and the citenzens.Nigeria is lawless and everybody is comfortable with it. I love my country Nigeria and it pins me to see things going wrong that can be stopped! Just last year, an Ex- governor of kogi state bought his 4th private jet worth 11.8billion Naira nd no federal authority questioned him as to how he got d money 2 buy it and u tell me the reporter from the USA is lying? Tell yourself the thruth because you are all lying to yourself Nigerian!!!


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