Tonto Dikeh Confused: Why We Celebrate Christmas On Dec 25?

Nollywood top actress Tonto Dikeh confesses she doesn’t understand why Christmas (Jesus Buffday) is celebrated on December 25.


According to Tonto, from Genesis to Revelation, there is no place it was written that Jesus Christ was born on December 25th. Thus, she inquires: “Why December 25th?”

Tonto Dikeh, popularly called Poko, is so confused that she has started the open discussion of this topic on Facebook.


  1. I’d checked that initially but found nothing worth calling the date inwhich Jesus was born and when i peroused the history “Christmas” in it’s sense, it is seen as a means to bring the heathens/pagans into Christianity within the 4th century CE thereby copying the lawless celebration called SATURNALIA which lasted 4 week ending on 25th december.

  2. I Wish I Could Meet Tonto Online… Xmas Is Unbiblical And Ungodly. It Originated From Roman Idolatry.. Having Impliedly Perused The Bible, It Is Clear (thought Not Said) That Jesus Was Born On August (during D 1st Reign Of Augustus).
    To Know More, Add Me Up @ Facebook =pedagogue Polytheismphobia

  3. Must every thng b writtn on d bible? It ws sd cannt b carried. 25th December as christ birth ws used 2 eliminate d idolatory wrshp of d pegans. But wat of d ones in d bible do we keep 2 dem? Pls let us nt decieve ourselves..

    • uche d bible says do not add or subtract from d word of God and do you know everything is in d bible go read from genesis to rev pls d bible is a life on it own make it ur friend u will never regret u do dat

  4. I wish i could meet with tonto dike poko’ this is clear nd pure. Ever since i started studying, wen christian celebrate xmas i use 2 ask myself dat “why” going 4 research i do, but no valid answer has come 2 me. I check all d varsion of bible and old varsion nothing was found abt d date birth of jesus wch christian refer 2 as 25th day of Dec. Each year. Even wat the are saying dat jesus is God, i have never seeing were jesus himself open up nd say he is God, except mathew john, luke, nd …….

  5. You better stop talking rubish about the birth of jesus something we have been celebrating a long time ago why bring the issue of not inthe bible up now,,now i believe we are in the end time..better live a holy life n stop battling with december been the birth of jesus or not.

  6. we should rather stick to d main aim of d celebration as dates n times would only mk us lose focus. to me date here is almost imaterial. 4 instance, p’ple evrywhere somtimes celebrate their birth days on days other than d very day meant 4 it (4 reasons best kwn to them), n this never mk them anythg less, rather they remain d same or even better persons. on d other hand d shephards, d angels, even d 3 wise men all celebrated christmas (Christ birth) 4 a pupose n thats d important thing. we all need do d same, date not witstanding. as 4 dates, times n season all these were made by God, all belong to God alone Gen 1,2. all d days of our lives are numbered n non are d same. d devil stole d day (25 dec) n gave it to its agent (d roman sun godess). bt thanks be to God who fought hard thro his holy church n they won it back to God n instead rededicated it to d King of kings to whom it rightly belonged. is anythg wrong with that? or would u rather av d feast of d sun godess remain on dec 25th?

  7. The calendar we’re using now came many years after Jesus was born. The early churches decided to celebrate his birth 25th as commemoration. The most important thing is not when he was born. The most important thing is to believ in him and accept him as your redeemer. Read about the Gregorian calendar history we use now.

  8. i wanna ask christmas supporters,can u eat a candy u picked from the gutter? its clear to everybody that christmas isnt biblical .nobody is sure when he was replaced pagan celebration just for pagans converts.wanna ask again,if u realize that ur family arranged that u celebrate ur birthday on the day that ur enemy was to celebrate his,how would u feel? happy right?

  9. i believe phillipians 4:8 will be of help in this matter.whatever things are true,whatever things are lovable,keep considering these things.aslo helpful is 1corinthians10:31 do all things for God’s consider whatever u do and know whether it glorifies God or not,thats the most important,not how long its been a norm or how many people are doing it.

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  11. @Toyin Edith,Its tru dat Xmas is bn celebratd 4 a lng tym ago,but av u eva sit down nd tnk abt d origin of it?av u eva wonder d reasn y dec 25th is bn chosen as a day set aside 4 celebratn birth of Jesus?av u eva check d bible 2c whose example we’r follown by doin ds?pls giv d ?s consideratn

  12. She says the truth,please check the following quotations for better understanding of the truth about Jesus Christ;JOHN 4:24,LUKE 4:8,JOHN 4:34,JOHN 12:49,JOHN 6:38,JOHN 17:4,JOHN 5:30-31,MATHEW 12:50,MATHEW 5:19-20,Deuteronomy 10:12-13,Joshua 24:22-24,Deuteronomy 6:4-9,Nehemiah 8:4-6,Numbers 20:6,Genesis 17:3,IChronicles 29 :20,2Chronicles 7:3,Revelation 11:16 and Mathew 26:39.

  13. To me xtian also want 2 celebrate wit dere mny as muslim does but no prove 4 dem…. Continue d cooking and celebration i ll eat as much as i can.

  14. ·Christmas has always been a holiday celebrated carelessly. Formillennia, pagans, Christians, and even Jews have been swept away in the season’s festivities, and very few people ever pause to consider the celebration’s intrinsic meaning, history, or origins.·Christmas celebrates the birth of the Christian god who came torescue mankind from the “curse of the Torah.” It is a 24-hour declaration thatJudaismis no longer valid.·Christmas is a lie. There is no Christian church with a tradition that Jesus was really born on December 25th.·December 25 is a day on which Jews have been shamed, tortured, and murdered.·Many of the most popular Christmas customs – including Christmas trees, mistletoe, Christmas presents, and Santa Claus – are modern incarnations of the most depraved pagan rituals ever practiced on earth.

  15. Founder of Deeper Life Bible Church, Pastor WF Kumuyi is currently at the receiving end of harsh criticisms by angry Nigerians for calling Christmas celebration idolatory. The ‘holiness’ preacher in his sermon on Saturday atthe just concluded 2013 National December Retreat of the church said, “We are only gathering together because it is the holiday period and love the lord more, and rededicate ourselves more.“When you find anybody coming in, or any leader, trying to introduce the idolatry of mystery Babylon, that they call Christmas and you want to bring all the Christmas carol saying that is the day that Jesus was born, and you don’t find that in theActs of the Apostles or in the early church, then you don’t find that in the church either. If you don’t know that before, now you know.

  16. Thnks to u pples,evn ur boss in christ as said earlier no where to b fund in bible,u pple dnt knw wat u ar doin,beta 4 u to embrace islam d only affirmated religion 4rm almighty GOD.

  17. This is an issue people have known but refused to abide by it. Tonto Dike should not be confused because what the bible didn’t record is simple to note. The bible only made us to know that Christ was born in winter period(which could be between october and january)and never on the 25th as insinuated by many today. The Romans made this day a memorable one in christendom in 4th century. My advice for those who are celebrating is that it should be done on daily basis because we do not the actual day. This is to avoid the wrath of God because of man-made day. Revelation 22: 19 says we should not add to or subtract from the bible.

  18. The bible doesn’t say Jesus was born dec 25th neither does it say he wasn’t. The fact is jesus was born. We chose a date that was hijacked by idolatory and sanctify the day by dedicating it to the true God who owns every day of every month and year anyway. Its not adding to the bible its acknowleding who is God. So many mordern christian practices r not clearly spelt out in d bible but we come up with traditions to express them like speaking in tongues, there’s no formular in d bible that clearly states what it should be everyone comes up with their version. The fact is speaking in tongues is in d bible but how it should be done isn’t. Even our mode of worship today, the flamboyant pastoring and televangelism none of that was done in jesus time. But the fact is jesus wants us to go and preach the gospel. How its done is defined by us and accepted as tradition not and as an addition to the what the bible says.

  19. Is it only christmas? What about easter? That one is even more confusing cos d date changes every year. Its not in d bible. But its in d bible that jesus rose from d dead. It is due to tradition handed down from time past. Even d dates many pastors set to celebrate conventions and claim break through is it biblical? Does the bible say the year begins on January 1st why not april 5th or sept 20th, why january 1st. Its not biblical. Its tradition and all adds up to acknowleding the power of God in the church.

  20. C ds four reasons while we need not 2 celebrate Christmas,1)the bible does not give a specific date acc to luke 2v8-11,(2)the only event jesus specifically instructed his followers to commemorate was his death,not his birth (luke 22v19-20) (3)there is no historical evidence that d early christian celebrated d birth of jesus christ,but dey did memorialize his death(1corinthian 11v23-26) (4)the unsavory origin of the celebration itself.the roots of christmas can be traced back to pagan rome with its mixture of festivals for honoring the agricultural god saturn nd the sun god sol invictus,or mithra.

  21. has anybody seen the word christmas in d bible…if nt den who made it like dat who called it christ birth or is it bcos christ s attached to d mas? Who brought d clothes white n red s it in d bible? N u can remeber dat d same white n red colour r worn during valentine days which has bible origin Or wat abt santa claus were dos it com frm? S it in d bible bt caled father of christmas n nt jesus christ..let us b wise nt serve satan inside of jesus..if wil celebrat jesus birth day lets nt cal it christmas n let it b don everyday of ur lives..bless u all

  22. My sister is not only christmas is out of d bible even d church xtians goes on sunday. Dere is no vers in d complete bible were dey are told 2 do so. Many tins have bein change in d bible by romans and earnly xtians scholars bc dey dont want d folowers 2 know dat d real bible is teachin notin but islamic monotizm. My advise 2 u all(christians) is 2 read d english Qur’an in ur own understandn and u wil be free from confutions.

  23. Does the date christmas is celebrated rily matters? How many of us know our real date of birth? We all grew up wit d dates our parents gave us,we should meditate on christ birth as d beginning of our salvation instead of occupyin our tym wit things dat won’t add or subtract from us

  24. Though christmas is not biblical it was a way of eradicating paganism in the church. The pagans accordin to books celebrated the birth of the sun god on 25 so went Jesus came and the pagans were accepted in the church,the church adopted 25 of december to be the birth of christ so as to replace that of the sun god so that the issue of pagan worship and I must say it has achieve it aim and u 2

  25. Aslong as we knw dat christmas is d celebration of the saviour of d world(JESUS CHRIST),why should we be arguing about d date of birth?The most significant thing is dat the prophecy of the birth of JESUS is fufilled

  26. @tonto, xmas is d day(25 Dec.) marked for Christ’s birth. It was known by ‘historians’, ‘school of thought’, ‘prophets’ and ‘ministers’ that 25th Dec. is d day, but if you are in doubt, u can celebrate your own xmas, any time u want, the most important thing is; Christ was born.

  27. She is very correct. Jesus was not born on the 25 of Dec. Its either sept late September or early October. The period could be traced in the bible but no date. Tonto is right.

  28. If i should ask Tonton. Do you know the date, your father or grandfather was born. You were told, but you celebrate their birthday. How do you beleive that? If 25th dec. Was use to celebrate idol. Jesus has come to take over that evil date. What is wrong? As far you beleive that good we take over evil.


  30. We must stop the lies,I think,Jesus wouldn’t be celebrating his birthday if he is still with us here,he would be too be preaching the good news for souls to be saved into the kingdom. Why we,he left a ministry to us as a church not celebrate false date of his birth but to go out there and to share the Gospel to all creatures(Matt 28). Just know this,that as long as you are celebrating Christmas, you are ecelebrating lies and it’s against the word of God. Why can’t you celebrate the birth of Christ on the day you got born again? God bless you guys as you start reasoning about this thing.

  31. i c tonto as an attention seeker…dis issue has been raised time without number…she shud av piked from available explanations…nd mind u..dec 25th is set aside to celebrate d birth of Jesus..nd nt dt Jesus was born dat day…..

  32. Why are u people so bothered about this 25th december celebration? Everyone refer it wasn’t recorded in the bible. Have you asked your self how the Bible came to be. Bible was written from TORAH and TALMUD. Torah was war the old testament which was the law God revealed to moses and it as recorded in the pentateuch. Talmud is the collection of the ancient laws and traditions of the jewish people. Now the combination of torah and talmud brought forth the bible used during judaism religion,this old testament spoke of coming of christ,when christ came,he amended those laws in the old testament,the amendment of those laws yielded new testament. When christ died and and ascended to heaven, his disciples paul planted many church along with other who preached the gospel as christiaos. Pakl did founded christianity through its original root judaism while christ did miracles and amended the laws. Bible recorded christ telling his disciples of build church upon a mountain but never pointed a church he built.

  33. C ds four reasons while we need not 2 celebrate Christmas,1)the bible does not give a specific date acc to luke 2v8-11,(2)the only event jesus specifically instructed his followers to commemorate was his death,not his birth (luke 22v19-20) (3)there is no historical evidence that d early christian celebrated d birth of jesus christ,but dey did memorialize his death(1corinthian 11v23-26) (4)the unsavory origin of the celebration itself.the roots of christmas can be traced back to pagan rome with its mixture of festivals for honoring the agricultural god saturn nd the sun god sol invictus,or mithra.

  34. We celebrate chrismas o 25th of dec because, its d dat pagans celebrates so we christians chanced dem by celebrating d birth of jesus on dat day. Hope i was able to convince u abt dis issue?

  35. Christianity was created by paul and he was a sun worshiper. If you read through the bible very well, you will notice that there so many contradictions

  36. I think you guys need to read a book titled “Was the original Jesus a pagan god?” written by Peter Ghandi and Thomas Freke. This will answer all u queries.

  37. The Bible as we know it was not even completed at the time of the earliest Christians. And the books of our Bible were not even gathered together and declared authoritative (“the Canon of Scripture”) until the Councils of Carthage and Hippo in the fourth century.

    The Bible came from the Church. Not vice versa. As the Bible itself says, the Church is “the pillar and foundation of the truth.” (Yes, that’s in Scripture. Google it.)

  38. so many comments, pls if u write, do so for us to understand u, so many abbreviations. what i just want to say is, dont be confused, it’s true that many of what we do today are not directly instructed in d bible, but at least they have bible principle behind this case there is clearly no bible principle guiding Christmas. d disciples did not celebrate their birthday not to talk celebrating Jesus birthday.jesus did not in any way insinuate we should celebrate his birth, he did only command we should memorize his talk about tradition , the bible does not support tradition of men, its only that in the Bible backed by principles.

  39. infact, its only two birthdays was recorded in the was celebrated by pagans, Pharaoh n the two cases they killed their fellow humans.if u are wise enough , consider this.

    Someone confronted me a few day ago with
    a touching statement: He does not celebrate
    Christmas because Christmas is not in the
    bible. So I decided to find out a little more
    from him wondering why things could so
    easily be considered as wrong because they
    have no mention in the bible.
    “Your name is Onyema, right?” He said,
    “yes”. “Is that in the bible?” He answered,
    “Abel Jumbo Street where you live, is that in
    the bible?” He said, “no”.
    “Nigeria, the country you come from is that
    in the bible?” Same answer, “no”.
    ANYWHERE IN THE BIBLE? He responded,
    Then he asked, “Christmas was not
    celebrated in the bible”. Good point, I said.
    Logical questions should be given logical
    answers. Let’s think of a few other things
    that didn’t take place in or where mentioned
    in the bible and you justify why you do them
    today even in church:
    1. Your birthday, is it in the bible?
    2. Your Matriculation and Graduation
    ceremonies, are they in the bible?
    3. White wedding with wedding gowns, are
    they in the bible?
    4. Wedding Reception, is it in the bible?
    5. Combing your hair, is it in the bible?
    6. Your children names, are they all in the
    7. The phrase “Kingdom Hall” is it in the
    8. “New word translation of the Holy
    Scripture”, is it in the bible?
    9. Wedding Card, is it in the bible?
    10. Is brain in the bible?
    11. Are you in the bible, literally?
    The answers were obviously no, no and no.
    So why do we celebrate Christmas. It is not
    about the date, it is about the birth of a
    great person. We recognize that had he not
    come, we would be doomed. We bless the
    day he was born. Our job is not to carry out
    the geographical or chronological
    verifications of dates because these hold no
    values or essence. The person in question
    was born and it happened in a certain DAY.
    If we all find out that Jesus was born 29th
    February, would that mean we would only
    celebrate him once in four years? There are
    a lot of things Jesus don’t ask for directly
    but we give him out of respect (exceptions
    to the current abuse of the celebration these
    days). Has Jesus ever asked for Naira? For
    example, “he never asked us to publish any
    magazine known as Watch Tower, but we do
    because we believe it promotes him. So if
    recognizing his birth promotes him, why
    should we ignore it and why shouldn’t we
    use it too?
    I can’t a recall a Christmas that church has
    lately celebrated in reference to any ancient
    gods (if you claim the date came from
    there). Christmas is a Mass for Christ.
    A bit of reflection on how Mandela was
    honoured during his burial. He didn’t have
    to ask for it. He deserved it. The world gave
    it to him because of his impact on humanity.
    Did Jesus do less? is it out of place for the
    Church to recognize a great person? I think
    what we should be doing is taking the
    celebration back from the world into the
    church. Rather than sit there and let them
    hijack the celebration of our Saviour to do
    awful things, we use the opportunity to
    declare his purpose of coming to the world.
    When we are done winning the battle over
    his date of birth, I’d love to see how that
    promotes the preaching of the gospel or
    Jesus Christ. I’d love see how we count our
    victories over the world when we win battles
    over celebration dates and lose
    opportunities of harvesting great souls of
    men for the kingdom. No true witness
    would reject the advantages Christmas
    provides him to witness Christ Jesus.
    As for me, Steward Godwin Jornsen, the
    word Christmas don’t have to be in the
    bible and I really am not affected by the
    origin of the word or date. The world aren’t
    bothered about that when they talk about
    the non-existing Santa Claus, why should I
    be about a living Saviour? I’m concern
    about what it stands for now and what it is
    well known to mean. It means the birth of
    Christ. And if he had no birth, there would
    be no Easter. I’m not giving what Jesus
    deserves to SANTA CLAUS. Santa isn’t in the
    bible either.
    by Steward Godwin Jornsen


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