See White Man With Nigeria Coat Of Arms Tattoo On His Chest (Picture)


Vladimir Maslovsky from Ukraine south-eastern part of Central Europe calls himself “Oyinbo FlyBoi Nigerian”. He says he loves Nigeria,and can’t wait to visit Nigeria and can also speak Yoruba and Igbo a little.

See his message to Nigeria….
You don’t have to be born in Nigeria to be a Nigerian .Yes am a white, but I’m so bleeping fully Nigerian … and I’m so proud that I met them,and they changed my life…So Thank you Lord, that is the best gift for me! So me now just waiting when I go finish my school and then I go enter Naija to make there some changes….

Yes We Can Be United! Yes We Can Be Faithful! Yes We Can Be Peaceful! Yes We Can Be Progressive! Orile ede to rewa ni nigeria Chukwu bụ onye okịke. Ọ bụ ọnye ọka ịwu. #unity and faith peace and progress! # tattoo One Love to you all my big NAIJA FAMILY! Respectfully yours ”Oyinbo FlyBoi Nigerian.’”

He’s our hottie of the day.

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