Real or Fake: ANGEL Appears In A Nigerian Church?!?


I came across this on the internet this morning and decided to share.

The above photos was allegedly taken in the Redeemed Christian Church of God Church in Ebute Meta, Lagos.

According to the church member who took the photo, the blurry image above the band members is an apparition of an angel.

Hmmm…………abeg help me ooh, what do you guys think?


  1. OMG it is true. Angel caught on camera i av seen that kinda angel before when ever i open my cooking pot and snap i see it always. Photoshop type angel on google the first 3 rows that image is there in black background

  2. This was how Jesus came to save his own and they knew him not (John 1:10-11) instead they use all manner of words against him just the way most of you are using such a word about the picture of an Angel in they church of God….they crucify him in the same way you have done…. so watch what you say .. whether it be truth or not let God judge… if it be truth that God sent His Angel to appear in the church, your words will be used against on that final day. (Matthew 12:37)……be warned and beg God for mercy because of the words of our mouth ( john 20:29)

    • James 4:11-12… Every one is entitled to an opinion… I am just wise enough to know that Angels can’t be caught on camera… Maybe you have heard of a female angel appearing on earth… Abraham and Lot saw men… of all that were seen from Genesis to Revelation none was a female… Even John was not allowed to see a female Angel in his Revelation… I use the word “allowed” because I do not know if there is any above… In physics a camera’s resolution is not as good as the eyes, if an angel wants to hide from the human eye then it would hide from a camera… finally I leave you with these words…. Do not let the words or pictures of others decide your fate, treat each one with the wisdom given to you and you would never be lost. There is a reason why Jesus appears to us and not on camera…

  3. Dis is nonsense evn if an angel shld come dwn to nigeria it cn’t be in lagos,hpe it is nt d idol dat d churchs pastor is usein in performin some fake miracles dat appeard to dem,nd if ur ar certain dat is an angel wat dos he say.

  4. @ Muhamed Ibrahim Alli, I pray that the Lord will give u an understanding and adopt the way to life.
    Purge ur mind and conscience of evil thought and allow Jesus to reign in ur life.
    Open ur heart & give ur life to Jesus then you will not vomit that evil in ur mouth!

    • billions of xtians have died in illusions while several millions are still wallowing in illusions, your saviour Jesus was to come from the lineage of David according to Isiah 9:6, i don’t see the blood relation of Jesus to David through Joseph an adopted father, a husband to be to Jesus mother according to the bible, Jesus having been born by a woman, no father. besides, the prophesy stipulate that he his to reign on the thrown of David to reclaim the glory of the thrown for the Jews to be emancipated, but unfortunately, Jesus was never crown a king, rather he was condemned by the authority of the thrown he was supposed to sit on as a king, a ruler. may be that is why the Jews never believe in Jesus christ to present, in fact the ultra-orthodox Jews are still and praying for the arrival of their promised messiah. it will be a waste of eternity for xtianity in the day of Judgement when they surprisingly discover how erroneously they have lived the earth.

  5. what do they know about an Angel? And beside how sure are they that it’s an angel,they should be careful with the way they do post things on line cos one day they will say God apeare to me and this is his pix.



  8. wonders shall never seize may God help del
    iver us from the so called prophet. Am
    en what was the message of the angel if it’s true

  9. GOD dier is nthng impossible 4 u,u re d al sufficient GOD,u re d ALMIGHTY,if dis is a trick of man let it b un2 man,and if dis is ur work al glory b un2 ur holy name,cos in(matt 24 vs1-end,matt 25vs1-end)u’ve giving us d warning of d last dai and above al,LORD let ur wil b done.

  10. Chai!, Na wa ooo! Wht kinda world ya all leavn? this is some kinda illuminated holographic display from a hidden projector or such. Have any 1 heard of smthn calld ‘d internet’? ya all check thr u’l see wht i mean. Peace out Cinema Dudes, they ought start showm movies there ,LOOL!

  11. Ofcourse it’s an angel..and i had a meeting with Santa Claus, Zeus, Hermes, Apollo, Amadioha, Vishu and others yesterday and the council decided that they would start making their presence known to mortals and that means more photo ops, kid lapping, press conferences, celestial football matches, modelling, etc

  12. Are you doubting it? It is possible, there is nothing God cannot do. He uses different ways to speak to His people including prophecy and visiting His Church through an Angel or Christ Himself.

  13. some churches said weavon is demonic how come the said angel is wearing a weavon? na for nigeria dem dey carry technology deceive us.. God knows his people and his people knows him..

  14. Judge not, so that u may not be judged. If u are a true child of God, U should be able to discern from good and bad, able to know when something is not right. Why? because we walk not by the will of the flesh but that of the Holy Spirit. leave God to judge . i agree@Dan u speak the truth, and do not be afraid to speak it always.

  15. How people are easily deceived!!!Christians are so gullible and deceive themselves when their money making pastors show and tell them all sorts of lies.Have you forgotten Ajanaku and how Tope Alabi saw him as a Demi god.Where is he now and his ORO CULTISTS who did burial rites for him.The secrets of all these big boy pastors and their projectors are at the tips ready to burst.Go on being deceived.It is not the fault of the one who is playing pranks,but the stupidity of the gullible who is too lazy to find and worship God the right way but allows him/herself to be fooled.

  16. Ther is no church in Nigeria so holy dat an angel can appear in. Lies, deception & cooked stories intended hoodwink unsuspecting members of d public to patronize them. U know now. More members more money.

  17. Who in this country ”Nigeria” is spirituall pure enough to stand the look of an angel of God?
    Somebody help me ask the photographer to try see me if offering is now paid by contraction.

  18. It is vry possible..bcos its scriptural.. Angel appeared 2 mary d moda of Jesus..,2 joshua as he led d children of isereal.., it appeared 2 samsom’s mother…, 2 zaccahria d fada of john d baptist…but dont get it twistted..angels alway hav a MESSAGE 2 pass across…!

  19. heeeiiiii this is one of images that are in android phone…..image in 360 camera….please stop forging stories with church of God….I beg of you…

  20. The people who put this lie on the InterNet will be laughing their heads off and enjoying how foolishly people are falling for their lies.How can you be so foolhardy as to believe this blatant lie?
    The Adeboyes,The Okoties,The Osaonis,TheAyorindes,The Joshua’s and their cohorts should stop their pranks and their eating and drinking with JINNS who they use to deceive the unsuspecting and lazy majority in the public who continue seeking miracles instead of working hard and worshipping God Almighty unconditionally.
    But sincerely even this one is not the use of Jinn,it’s the use of TECHNOLOGY.Christians,wake up,they are fooling you and buying JETS !!!

  21. angel kwa!!!…. if its a genuine angel, must it be from heaven? abi dia r no angels of darkness?
    well anything can happen cos I hv a weird video showing the captured photo of a soldier whose burial was held a day b4 d capture!
    moreover dat a..el looks like wetin wia dakshade

  22. This is an attention seeking individual who wants to make a cheap notification of his or her church. An angel cannot be captured in camera. We are talking of a divine present of God’s agent in spirit. Can camera capture spirit?
    When the angel appear what was tje figure like? Because the picture only show shining bright light.
    What message did he delivered? Angels are to serve us and they always come with a message.
    Please whoever is concerned should stop abusing the heavenly thrown. It is a total illusion.

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  24. Hmmmm you all should ask for mercy… Wen it happened on one knows. It happened at a vigil, and wen the guest artist was ministering the videoman was givin him a shot. He did not know anythin bout it too. It was later wen he was viewin the pictures he took that he figured out that someone in form of an angel was standin in the pix. He zoomed the pix and was shocked. You need not to doubt this. All you need to do nau is to take this as a call from God, tellin you i’m comin bak and my reward is wit me to give every man accordin to wat his works on earth are…if you are still in friendship wit sin, i’ll advice you to stop it nau and embrace God. Accept him as ur Lord and saviour and all will be well wit you…

  25. If its true then glory be to God for showing his presence in the house of God. If its lies and deceit , let God be the judge.

  26. Imagine'”u seein a ghost and u still hv d mind 2 pick up ur 4on an snap a shot.peson way thunder strick 4 him front no go get mount 2 talk am,Abi no b so.the day way mountain of fair church dey prey,fair,fair,fair.them come see fair dey comort 4 church’every body run now.if na u nko u go wait.Naija 4 show,anytin can happen.ghost dis corrupt country.

  27. Angels ar not female or male and u can’t see them with unclad eye I don’t kwn y pple like to decieve others bcos of dis business vectures wey them they call church pastor they get private jet my pple they walk around with foot na wao for nigeria follower they suffering and smalling any money wey my pple make during week dayz dem go go give pastors wey they inside A C since monday to sunday infact followers na maga dis church business na good one oooo lolll

  28. its a bloody lie this pix was formulated with a camera called cam360 for android phones if u use d gust mood any picture u snap will look exactly like that u can also download it if hv android phone and check it out ur self.

  29. some say angels r males, some say they r females while some say they r neither of d 2. Definitely, dey shud be animals…
    Dis one is an angry ghost looking for her killer in d church for revenge…

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