President Jonathan To Contest In 2015 – Tukur Confirms

People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Chairman, Bamanga Tukur has confirmed the interest of President Goodluck Jonathan to seek re-election for the office of president come 2015.


Although the president has not publicly announced his interest to contest in the next presidential election, there had been concerns by opposition parties and some members of the ruling party on the president’s interest in seeking re-election claiming Jonathan’s body language and political developments across the country reveal his ‘real interest’.

As a result Jonathan has had many against him running in 2015 and working towards stopping the president, even some strong members of the ruling PDP including governors had defected to the All Progressives Congress (APC), with an aim to wrest power from Jonathan and the ruling party.

Tukur finally declared on Thursday for the first time a local event held in Abuja since the beginning of the crisis rocking the PDP that the Nigerian leader has been chosen as the ruling party’s presidential candidate for  2015.

Urging party faithful not to be deterred by the exodus of some of its key members, the ruling party leader maintained that PDP remains insurmountable as the strongest and biggest party in Nigeria and Africa, according to Abuja-based local Leadership Newspaper on Friday.

“Don’t be deterred by some people saying they are leaving the party. People leaving the party are individuals, not the party. It does not mean if they leave the party, the party leaves. No, the party remains. PDP is the only party in Nigeria that fields a candidate in every election that is held. Don’t be deterred; don’t be afraid, you are part of the ruling party,” said the party leader who further tasked officials to play their roles wisely in making sure that Jonathan wins the 2015 election.

With this declaration of Jonathan’s interest to re-contest in 2015 elections, another round of controversy may however be raised.

Just as the president continues to keep mum on his second term ambition, there seems to be no end in sight to the crisis rocking Nigeria’s ruling party for more than six months now.


  1. Its even long over due! This is all we been waitin for let us hit the ground and know what we are in for. Yes GEJ is contesting and he is winning not even Obasonjo or any Aboki will stop him. Let us mach wall to wall! Enough for all of this robish from the openent and the so called APC as if they just drop from the moon! We no them all PDP still remain the party to beat no shaking!!!!!…..

  2. president GEJ have every right to contest 2015 election wether OBJ an his hung like it or not because i can remember very well wen he was in power he told people dat he will only do 1 term but he not do dat 1 term he procced to 2rd term not just 2rd term but he wanted to go for 3rd term so why he now want president not to contest 2015 election dis wat i call injustice dis man is evil an enemy of progress dat is wat OBJ is he talk as if he has d interest of Nigerian at hand his word can only be honour by those does not konwns him not person like me dat konwns him very well.
    his word can not move me at all cus it is his selffish interest is wat he enback on not d nation interest.

  3. “Only individuals are leaving PDP, not the party” What make up the party? Trees, animals, houses or what? May God deliver Nigeria from this generation of politicians

  4. People(Nigerian politicians) like and celebrate good of acts of other country’s leaders but they never dreamt of practising such good in Nigeria. Why wont these crazy politicians learn from Our Mandela, (the conscience of the world displayed in S/Africa). GEJ shld nt hit up the polity in Nigeria or harm Nigerians’ feelings by reacting indicively, autocratically, dictatively or by trying to influence and force himself on Nigeria. Such irrational act may not really intimidating to OBJ, it may not mean to him that you r nw a man of your own and no longer a political boy under the control of his master, it neither teach him a leason he will not forget. Remember, you cannot rule OBJ but the indigent Nigerians (who suffers the bad effect of 2 Elephants fighting). Don’t (because of the said indecorous act of OBJ) be a threat but a trait to Nigeria polity.

  5. Obasanjo, Boko Haram, APC are just toothless barking dogs. GEJ has every right to contest whether he wins or loses. All this noise should stop! He is not the only person vying for a second term. Some have gone to the extent of longing for a third term. All I want is the person that has the interest of Nigerians at heart…


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