“My Wife Thought I Was Joking When I Proposed to Her” – Comic Actor, Ime ‘Bishop’ Umoh aka Okon Lagos

Comic Actor, Ime ‘Bishop’ Umoh aka Okon Lagos recently shared his experience in marriage, talks about proposal, plans for future.


What was the attraction to your wife, Idara? What kind of attraction, physical, emotional or spiritual?

All of the above… She is like a gold fish which has no hiding place. I spotted her at a wedding.

At what point did you know she was your wife?

I can’t say I knew she would be my wife the first day we met. We interacted a little. At a point, I just got to know she is reasonable, real, homely, God-fearing and above all, she is not perfect.

And she knows I’m not either. I saw the prospect of her tolerating me. Later, I just decided to ask the big question, “will you marry me?”


How did you do it?

I did it inside my car (laughs). And her answer was a big Yes! If she told you she said yes, it is understandably to please me. She didn’t say an automatic yes. She didn’t look at me seriously. That was when I knew I have a little personality problem.

She couldn’t differentiate Ime ‘Bishop’ Umoh from the artistic part of me. But I told her I was serious and then asked her again right inside my car. I don’t spend long time in Uyo. So, whenever I saw her we had to drive round the town and our discussions were usually inside the car.

It was also in my car. I asked her again, will you marry me? And she said a big yes!

How has married life been?

Married life is nice o. For me, there is nothing more blissful than marriage, especially when you know you have made a good and perfect decision. There is also this inner joy that you are talking with someone you love and she loves you back for the rest of her life for who you are.

What do you think is the sweetest thing about being married?


Like I said, you feel more secured, you have a companion who is always there for you.

Do you miss bachelorhood?

I wouldn’t say I don’t miss bachelor life, but it is better to be married than being single when you are of age.

What has being married hindered you from doing?

I can’t stay a day now without hearing from my wife. I don’t have time for any other woman right now. And it will remain so forever, God being my helper.

What is your prayer for this marriage?

I pray for more of God’s blessings and marital bliss. Our marriage will also be blessed with children. His wife, Idara Saviour is a third year student of Communication Arts, University of Uyo. She is in her early 20s.

weddingflHow did your path cross?

We met at a wedding where he was the Master of Ceremonies. I was in the bridal train. After the ceremony, we had a chat and exchanged phone numbers. That was how it all started.

How many kids are you guys planning?

Four, two boys and two girls.

Does your husband make jokes for you at home?

Yes. He makes me happy. If you are with him, you would be laughing and smiling all the time.

Does Okon Lagos ever get serious at home?

Of course, he acts like a normal person. You guys had to postpone your honeymoon because of your school and his work.

Where would you be honeymooning, when you are ready?

We are planning to go to the United Kingdom for our honeymoon.



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