MY STORY: How My Twin Sister Stole My Fiance And Now She Is Getting Married To Him

Maryjane and Annette are twins. Annette’s love relationship blossomed and George, her fiancé, decided introducing her to his parents. Maryjane also joined them on the visit….

The twins’ stay with George’s people was short-lived.  Annette was surprised when George announced that they had to leave on the morning of the fourth day. When pressed by Annette, he told her that he had some urgent errands to run for one of his lecturers in Lagos.


Maryjane on the other hand, said nothing when Annette complained of the sudden decision to cut short their stay. “I have never known him to be an impulsive person,” she told Maryjane. But her sister kept quiet.

“What is the problem with you Maryjane? You have been quiet since morning. Are you the one who suggested to George that we should leave?’’

“No, I could not have suggested that to him. I am not his beloved girlfriend,” she replied.

The three took the flight by noon to Port Harcourt. The twins went to their mother, who was very pleased to see them. “You are welcome George. Finally, we meet and you are much more handsome than my daughter described you,” their mother said.

In Port Harcourt, they had a lot of fun as their mother feted them but Annette noticed that George had developed this closeness towards her. He stuck to her as if his life depended on it. It was strange because she knew George was always a very confident man. Meanwhile, Maryjane tried several times to bond with her sister and her fiancé but George showed no desire to associate with her.

George left for Lagos the day after arriving in Port Harcourt, much to the dismay of the girls’ mother who had planned to show off the handsome medical doctor to her close friends.  But he promised to be back and stay for a longer period of time.

After the Christmas holidays, they all returned to school and George told Annette that he would not be returning that week. He had to run some errands for his uncle who just came in from the United States of America.

Meanwhile, Maryjane also became very distant and Annette was coming to her school more often than she was going to hers. Her twin could not place a finger on what her sister’s strange behaviour was all about.

Two months into the semester, Annette went to visit Maryjane. Her twin had not visited her for more than one month! It was a very strange attitude because Maryjane never missed coming to see her. She was afraid that something must have happened to her sister.

When she got to the campus, her sister was not available and the roommates told her that Maryjane was on the main campus. Annette went there and saw her sister just coming out of the school’s clinic.

“My sister is ill,” she told herself as fear gripped her heart. “Maryjane, are you ill?” But there were no answers from Maryjane, who simply moved ahead as if she did not hear what her sister was saying.

Annette noticed that her sister’s complexion had turned sallow and she was also looking very dull. Immediately, she made up her mind to call their mother.

“Why are you calling mom?” her sister asked.

“You are not well and she ought to know,’’ Annette said.

“Who told you that I am not well? Are you a doctor?’’ she asked her sister.

“I am not a doctor but you cannot deny that I saw you coming out of the clinic. Besides, you look very pale,” Annette insisted.

“I am not ill. By the way, how is George? Is he in town? Maryjane asked.

“Yes, he is in school.”

“Has he been asking of me?’’ Maryjane asked.

“No, he has never bothered to ask after you since we came back from the Christmas holidays,’’ her sister replied.

Again, after two months and not hearing from her twin, Annette went on a visit. This time, she saw Maryjane looking very big.

“Maryjane, what has been happening to you? You look like an overfed cow. What have you been eating?” Annette said humorously.

It was Maryjane’s friend, who replied Annette. “You mean you don’t know? Didn’t your sister tell you that she is pregnant?’’

Annette was shocked. Maryjane was pregnant? How? But she had no steady boyfriend. Immediately, she called their mother before Maryjane could stop her.

Their mother came to school and put pressure on her daughter. She kept asking her who was responsible.

“It is George,” Maryjane said.

Annette did not believe her sister. “George, my fiancé? That is a lie! Mom, ask her to tell you who is responsible,” Annette said.   But Maryjane insisted and Annette confronted George, who also denied.

Annette insisted on a DNA test and George was confirmed to be the father of Maryjane’s baby!

“How did this happen?’’ a devastated Annette wondered. George then confessed: “It was during last Christmas holiday. Maryjane had entered my room wearing your night dress. I thought you were the one but got to know after the damage was done. I am sorry Annette.  You do know that this situation will change our relationship and I may have to marry your sister since she is having my child. My family would never forgive me if I abandon the mother of my first child,” George said.



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