Mide Funmi Martins’ and Afeez Owo’s Marriage Crashes

The daughter of late Funmi Martins, Mide, married a popular Nollywood actor and producer Afeez Owo several years ago. She also joined the Yoruba movie industry shortly. But, unfortunately Mide’s marriage to Afeez has crashed.

According to Nigeriafilms, their marriage packed up on an alleged infidelity accusation by Afeez. The actor has always been suspicious of his wife’s movement, and whenever he confronted her, her responses were not pleasing to his ear.

He had decided he could not handle her ‘infidelity’ anymore and separated from the actress months ago, despite pleas from friends and family.

“The couple has been having issues with their marriage several months back but the crack became evident after the couple started living separately this year,” a source of Nigeriafilms disclosed.

Their duo has since moved on. Afeez Owo not publicly shows off his new love interest, while Mide has their kids in her custody, and has not publicly identified with a love interest yet.
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  1. may be mide funmi martins now see a new handsome guy that she love,that is why she want to break her marriage becareful God hate divorce!!!

  2. My prayer to God on dem is dis. May God bring dem b 2geda as 1 api family they were long b4 nao
    Mide shud think very well & luk 4 every means 2 make d marriage work out if nt people will relate her atitude wit dat of her late mother wen she ws alive
    So its important she find a way out 4 d happy home
    Let her nt luk @ d lfy style of other young ladies in d industry they call Nollywod dat dos nt ve a steady husb
    ko si èrè ni bè
    Real husb is very scarce 2 get oooo
    But there are millions of boy friends outside
    My sis Mide stay wit ur husb ooooo
    ko ju bè lo oooo

  3. Am not surprised about this Mide was too young when she was ‘dragged’ into wedlock. Afees should know that he has a responsibility to guide and guard her .Ah, e ma fi’ya je omo Oku orun o .

  4. Am not surprised about this Mide she proud,even when u look at her in any movies,look at her dressing,her atitude shows the kind of ladies she his , she just join them don’t be surprise just pray 4 her to know d truth.

  5. I dnt expect everybody to be streching accusing finger to mide. Cos we dnt kno d genesis of their misunderstdn,only d writer of d story. Wot i think we shld do is to help dem in prayer.

  6. Mide think twice on the decision u ar taking, pls dont join the group of divorcee in the industry kindly work out things for your family to be 2gether. GOD has made men to b the head go back to your husband and make tins ryt with Him.

  7. mide has an extra-marital affairs is fast kills stop.afeeze increasing ur patient,edurance.dnt allow third party.UR CASE WIL SETTLED,IJN.

  8. I wonder why its diff.for these actors and actresses to keep their homes,for heavens sake Marriage is meant to be worked on,those whose marriages are intact are working,sacrificing to make it work!this is another hopeful celebrity marriage going down the drain,Afeez and Mide,Saheed and Fathia,this yellow pawpaw and Dan Ademinokun,and u guys will say ur job is to preach and correct societal mistakes!ur life isn’t any better.Mtcheeeew!

  9. There’s no problem without solution,you people should see how you can resolved your differences,tolorate one another.try to settle the rift within you life goes on,noting on earth is perfect we are just working to perfection

  10. Uncle Afeez,I kw u ar older than her,pls don’t sheet on her,look @ d sake of ur children,larin igbawo na ni broder Afeez ti e ti sara ni elomi,no matter d situation u pp ar nt surpose 2 go to dis extence,ewo ti oku orun, olorun wa(nigba toti bi gbogbo omo inu e funyin tan)talo wa fe fe bayi,uncle afeez emaje efo awon obirin to wa nita,go $ check urself

  11. am not suprise about it,the first day that i hear mide married affeez i know that it will not last because mide beautiful than afeez,may be she now see handsome guy and wanted to follow,becareful God hate divorce

  12. Pls and pls nobody should judge dem cos we dnt knw what as happened btw dem both besydes am sure dey will come bac 2geda cos dey ve had kids for each oda ema se be oo mide and afeez

  13. My great lion aluko, U are saying the truth,She should go back to her husband…Is only boyfriends u can see out there.MIDE…My advice for u is to hold ur husby tight,Dats all.

  14. Nawa 4 Nigerians ooo,any rumour like this we take it as if we are there when it apened.bloggers sud stop posting nonsense,stop posting wat u didnt witness and those of u dat r typying negative things abt mide or afeez i pray u wnt carry anoda person load on ur big heads.think before commenting trash wit ur old fones ur cousin sent to u.mide nd afeez lives in my area,her complex is there too..dis couples are happy together,they live together,this r d pple i see so stop posting nonsense just bcus u want 2 be d numba 1.MFS,abc.homspoiler oshi


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