IK Ogbonna: “Managing my bald head is a challenge”

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Please explain to me how managing a head that doesn’t grow hair is a challenge???

Well, in this recent interview with the Punch, actor and model Ik Ogbonna talks about the cause of his bald head and he also reveals his fashion weakness.

About his fashion weakness
My fashion weakness is the fact that I could be regarded as metro sexual in looks especially because I am not confident in wearing anything that’s not fitted. I feel lost in clothes that are not cut to fit my body. Apart from that I don’t think I have any weakness. I am a 6 feet tall, bald headed man sometimes the kind of shorts I would love to rock won’t go well with my height and sometimes I wish to play with my hair but I am bald. Finally, we all know I have a crush on Genevieve Nnaji so whenever she’s around I lose my guards, just joking.

How come a young man like you is bald?
Nature, hereditary traits, I am bald thanks to my Dad and I am proud of it. The only challenge I face is how to maintain it.


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