Human Rights Watch Accuses Nigeria Of Ignoring Violence


Nigerian authorities have been accused of ignoring clashes in the central region of the country, by Human Rights Watch.

A report by Reuters said that sectarian clashes in the religiously mixed central region have been ignored by the police and were not properly investigated.

The Africa director at Human Rights Watch Daniel Bekele, according to the report said that police fail to give the attacks the attention they deserve.

“Witnesses came forward to tell their stories, compiled lists of the dead, and identified the attackers, but in most cases nothing was done,” said Daniel Bekele, Africa director at Human Rights Watch.

“The authorities may have forgotten these killings, but communities haven’t. In the absence of justice, residents have resorted to violence to avenge their losses.”

The findings were however rejected by the Plateau State Police Commissioner, Chris Olagbe rejected the findings.

“That is totally untrue and unholistic,” he told Reuters.

“All the gunmen that have been arrested in Plateau have been taken to court.”


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