General Buhari: APC’s 2015 Success Is In The Hands Of Nigerian Youths

Success of the All Progressives Congress in the upcoming 2015 general elections is in the hands of Nigeria’s youths, says the party’s leader Gen. Muhammadu Buhari.

former-head-of-state-maj.-gen.-muhammadu-buhari-retd--3987890987Mr. Buhari was yesterday represented by former petroleum minister, Umaru Dembo, who spoke at the commissioning of an office owned by the APC Youths Vanguard in Katsina, Katsina State.

Among other things, it was stressed that youths have a vital role to play in strengthening our country’s democratic process. Thus, the time had come for young people to elect honest and sincere people who would protect the interest of the masses. And the APC is out to achieve just that, Mr. Dembo said. It was through such an election that Nigeria could witness the kind of change that would lead to socio-economic development.

The APC elders are preparing the ground for the youths to build a better Nigeria.

“By the time the elders are no more the youths will continue to build on the foundation that was laid,” Mr. Dembo said, and assured the APC would carry the youths along in all its actions.

Young people were also warned against being deceived by politicians who use money to lure them into voting for them, or encourage to engage in activities that do not promote democratic principles.

Mr. Buhari, speaking through Mr. Dembo, urged youths to eschew violence, especially in the name of elections.

On his part, the national President of APC Youth Vanguard, Ibrahim Bello, said the association was established to unite the youths, future leaders of Nigeria.

The chairman of the association in the state, Ibrahim Saulawa, said the group would unite youths in the country to work at defeating the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in the next general elections.


  1. This is a matter of who has the charisma && idea to move the nation forward && that’s definitely not this drunkard of a president. He’s administration has shown inept cluelessness. GMB 2015


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